Big Ol' Nora Update

March 18, 2015

It has been a while since I have written a nice detailed post about all the developments and new things Nora is doing these days. I looked back on my posts from when I was on maternity leave and then I felt bad for neglecting you all over these last few months! Life is busy when you're working with kids!!

Sometimes I feel like I am being repetitive week after week saying the same things over and over- "now she eats XXX, now she has teeth, now she says mommy" etc. Maybe it's not all that exciting?! But then I imagine that I am writing this blog for Nora and not actually for the readers (sorry, everyone) and I realize that she will love it. What a detailed picture I have painted of what life is like for her and all the things she experiences. So many times I have thought about shutting the blog down due to time constraints, but then I'll have to explain to her one day why all these weekly pictures and stories just stopped! It's not like she just stopped doing things, I have to keep it going!!!!

Nora is officially the tallest 19 month old that ever lived. She is as tall, and sometimes taller than most two year olds, two and a half year olds and even some three year olds! It is crazy! I forget that she is abnormally tall until we see another little kid her age and they look like a tiny baby compared to her. I mentioned that the health nurse told us she is likely to be 6 ft. tall as an adult. I don't know how I feel about that! She won't be able to date! She won't be able to find pants easily! These are two very important things that plague girls, you know! I was lamenting these points to a friend the other day and her husband piped in and said, "yeah, but she'll be able to dunk a basketball! She'll get any guy if she can do that!" Silver linings!

Lately Nora has loved to dress up in anything she can find to put on. She even balances her toys on her head and says "hat!" She LOVES socks, but cries in frustration when she can't put them on herself. She is a stubborn one, because she will sit there trying and trying to stretch her little socks over her feet and I can sense that she is becoming agitated. When I ask if she needs help, she wails and throws herself on the floor in defeat and still doesn't let me help her. She is always coming out of our bedroom with an article of either mine or Tom's clothing on in some creative way. She had Tom's boxers around her neck the other day!

She has started counting things which is hilarious because she counts "two, two, two" as many times as it takes to finish. We have been TRYING in vain to teach her other numbers, but I guess "two" will do for now. She also knows several letters now, but they are hit and miss. I have not forced this at all, as you know she loves books and reading and she has many alphabet books that she reads all the time. Any letter in general is "E!" when she sees a letter on a sign, t-shirt, etc. But she actually often points correctly to A, I, E, P and B.

She has started to say "No, Dad" and "Mommy!" which are both super funny. She says "No, Dad" to Tom in a concerned voice, but she also says it to other people too when she wants to disagree. She had never said Ma, Mama or Mommy much at all up until recently. It was usually just Da all the time. However, she started with "mom" which she said continuously for about 2 weeks and finally switched  to "Mommy" which is pretty cute! Everything is "mommy" now. She calls me from her bedroom in the mornings and if Tom goes in instead, it's a frantic "mommmmyyyyy" repeatedly! She has also learned "mommy, teacher" which I was QUITE impressed with! She has a few books with teachers in them and she points to that teacher and then to me and says it.

She says her own name too now which is also seriously cute. Any little baby or kid she sees a picture of is "Nora", pronounced more like "Nowa". One specific Little People figures is "Nowa" and the little figure that is actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast is "mommy"! :) She says some of her grandparents names too- Opa is is "Okie" which we all think is pretty funny and she will also say "Papa" but the grandmothers have to wait a little longer!

She is a BUSY girl. I really think she is more so than some of the other kids I know. When we are out and about, she is GONE. She doesn't stick by our sides at all. She can easily run out of my sight as I am grabbing something off the shelf at the grocery store and she often does this. It is near impossible to take her anywhere and plan to browse or have her sit in the cart still and quiet and look around anymore. She is on the go all the time and/or chomping at the bit to get going somewhere! She doesn't like to sit back and watch anything ever, she always wants to be right in the action, hands on! Her favourite place is the park right across from our house and she would go there on her own if we let her out of our sights. The second she gets out the door to play outside, she is yelling "park! park!" and she is off running towards the park. I have to bribe her into the stroller for walks now with snacks and "other parks" (that we mysteriously never end up at!) which is unfortunate because walking with her in the stroller was one of my favourite things to do.

Obviously, I love her little active and curious personality. I love coming home to her after work and seeing her eyes light up and of course hearing her little voice say "Mommy!" And I love waking up to entire days where all we do is attempt the grocery store circus act and go to the park a million times. A day without her, although really wasn't that long ago, seems so hard to imagine now. I often wonder what on EARTH I used to do to fill my time back then?!


Weekly Nora

March 11, 2015

My dad, "Grandpa" was visiting last week! It was great to see him and Nora pretty much loves anyone who is willing to read books with her for hours, so Ga-Pa was her man all weekend :) He also did funny things like take selfies and wear her barrettes, so it was all around pretty fun!
Here's my little dip monkey with her ketchup and friend egg sandwich! Look at how long her hair is getting!
We did lots of this on the weekend- lazing in front of the curling briar, reading "tories" and gazing out the window. 


This week in photos

March 04, 2015

The adventures are never ending! As you can see, we have been experiencing spring-like weather here, which is unheard of for this time of year for us! We woke up this week to a whiteout and -15 temps... so we are back to the snow suit and boots... however, on the Mexico countdown too! We head to sunny Ixtapa for a spring break holiday in exactly 2 weeks! Yay!


Miss Tweedle's February Round Up

March 02, 2015

February was such a short month! I haven't been doing anything inspiring in the kitchen, so I have no recipe updates for you, but here are a few things I can report on!

My etsy shop is humming along nicely and I have had about 3-5 orders a week consistently all month. Just when I think I am all caught up and I'll have a weekend off, more orders come in. It's nice and I've found my groove with it all and I'm still learning a lot every day about marketing and how etsy works, too.

This is how I plan my hoops. I look at what customers send me for details and play around with my felt pieces, fabric and thread until I see something that will look appealing. I go through all orders and get them all ready and then I just go down the list of orders to complete and they are all organized and ready for stitching. I can typically get 2 done each nap time. I make it point not to work on them in the evenings and instead do housework and/or spend time with Mr. Tweeds!

I can't talk about February without mentioning the Valentine's photo shoot again. Mama Tweedle picked up those giant cardboard hearts from a Hallmark cards shop selling off things from their old window displays many years ago. I had always meant to take them to school and use them in my classroom, but thankfully had them laying around the basement for Valentine's Day!

Of course, the only other thing of note this month has been my thrift store visits. I picked up a few more GREAT finds this month, including that little doll stroller which is super lightweight and easy for Nora to push around for $1. She also LOVES Richard Scarry books and I found 4 out of print ones for 50 cents each along with a few other goodies! 

Lastly, one of the things I am really enjoying with my Etsy store is doing etsy trades. Instead of buying someone else's goodies, we trade handmade items and then share pictures of the other person's stuff on our social media. It's a win-win situation because I get a free, adorable product and I get some marketing out of it too!

Here is one of of Nora's new trade items- a felt kitty mask from Opposite of Far. Jessica, the shop owner, makes so many awesome animals masks. Nora isn't super keen on wearing these quite yet, but I am sure she will in no time!
The second trade this month was with a shop called Penelope's Eclectic Closet in which Ashley makes the sweetest dolls from scrap fabrics. She sent up this one and I am in LOVE with it! So much work went into it right down to a sparkly ruffled front on the dress!

Thanks for reading Miss Tweedle! See you on Wednesday with another episode of adventures with Nora! 

Weekly Nora

February 25, 2015

These three photos this week pretty much sum up Nora these days! The first picture cracks me up so much! I can't stop looking at it on my phone because it is just so funny! We went to a different park on the weekend and she was going nuts on this ride on airplane and I managed to catch her excitement in the pic! She was rocking and squealing and laughing and it was just too funny. She just does so many funny and cute things every day it's hard to even remember them to write them down. Where do I start?!

As I have said before, I'm pretty sure my child is a genius. We were reading an alphabet book and she stopped at the letter P and said "P!" before I did and pointed right to it! I thought it must have been a coincidence, so just to test her, I got a different alphabet book and sure enough, she turned right to the P page and said "P!" Apparently that is the only letter she knows and also one of her favourite words! She is always walking around pointing between her legs and saying "bum!" "pee!" She doesn't actually have to go, I tried putting her on the toilet the first hundred times she said it, but nothing. She also says "pee" in a concerned voice and points to the deer poop we have in our yard. 

New words are coming all the time. I can't even count how many she has now. She repeats almost anything we ask her to say. Yesterday it was "off he goes!" after I said that in passing about a character in her book. She even fell asleep for her nap, saying "off he goes!" over and over to herself. She also says "oh shoot!" Thankfully she isn't repeating some of the other phrases that mean the same thing she may have heard around here.... 

She is such a bundle of energy, sometimes it is hard to keep up with her. When she gets outside, she just goes nuts! She runs and runs and runs for about 30 min straight and then climbs the playground all by herself 20 times, slides, jumps, rolls on the ground, swings, and runs some more. She is not one of those sit back and be mellow and watch the other kids play on her mom's lap kind of kids! She wants to be right in the action at all times. I can hardly get her to come near me in public places. She LOVES exploring and interacting with others. I just love being with her all the time. I love to play with her, and read with her and watch her run and skip and jump and gobble up strawberries. She is just the best!


Weekly Nora

February 18, 2015

Only stopping to do the Itsy Bitsy Spider! 

I hope you enjoyed this week in photos! Wrangling an 18 month old for a photo in a tutu who is wayyyy too excited to be out in the sun without a coat goes down as one of the funniest and most difficult things of all time! 


Nora June, 18 Months Old

February 04, 2015

Days with Nora just get more and more fun as the months go on. I can't believe she is almost 18 months old already. She will officially be closer to 2 than 1 pretty soon! She continues to change daily and do and say new things all the time. I just can't put into words how fun she is to watch. 

She has many words now and is trying to say almost everything all the time, but to often just comes out as a grunt or an "ah ah ah". By far her favourite word is DA for Daddy. She says it ALL.THE.TIME. But the funny thing about it is that she doesn't just say Da, she says Daaaaaaaaa every time with a surprised intonation that makes it sound like she is saying it for the first time, or seeing him for the first time every time! It's so funny! She says it every time she sees something of Tom's, a picture of him, his name is mentioned, or she remembers something he did. Daaaaaaaaa! MA? Forget it! In fact, she pretty much NEVER says Mama!

Another new fave is singing and saying nursery rhymes. As you know, she has always loved books and we have one full of simple nursery rhymes. She has that book memorized now and she loves flipping to each page and saying a few words to herself from each rhyme. She says "rock, rock" in a soft voice and rocks back and forth on the Rockabye Baby page. She claps and pats her legs and says "pa pa cake" on the Patty Cake page and she says "go go" for Rain, Rain Go Away. She also LOVES Old MacDonald right now and we have been singing it 8 million times a day! E-I-E-I-O!!!! All day long! Other faves are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus and the ABCs. She does the actions for Isty Bitsy and Wheels on the Bus and I die over the cuteness every time!

She just loves helping us with anything and everything we do. On the weekend, we cleaned the whole house together and she didn't get in my way at all. She had her own cloth and helped me dust and wiped every surface. She did some sweeping and mopping with me and I also gave her a spray bottle with just water in it and she "helped" clean the bathroom! She even knows how to clean the filter on our vacuum. She pushes the right button when I am done vacuuming and carries the canister to the garbage and dumps it out! I hardly even ever do that! She also loves helping with the laundry and I'll say " go get your dirty laundry" and without skipping a beat, she does! She puts it all in the washer, and then pushes every button 18 times until the settings are messed up and then protests when I try and fix it! ;)

She understands and remembers so much it is scary sometimes! I had an old magazine laying around from December and she was flipping through it. She stopped at the Dove soap ad and brought it to me grunting and pointing and mimicking washing, and then ran to the bathroom to show me that I have the very same body wash in the shower that was in the ad. The next page she stopped at was a picture with a bunch of different Christmas decorations. She pointed out the very same nutcracker that we had out at xmas! Is she a genius or what?! She also loves finding books where you have to hunt for little objects. The other day, we had to find "dice" and she pointed right to it! How the F does she know what dice are?! We don't have a single thing in our house with dice in it, nor has she EVER seen anything with dice on it on my watch....!!! 

Speaking of being on my watch... She still spends 2 days a week with her grandmas and they play all kinds of interesting things with her that I may not. They are kind enough to do things like let her have her own basket at the grocery store and follow her around and watch her put things in and take things out for as long as she likes. They both always take her out and about to do errands around town, which she loves. Those kinds of things are becoming harder to do with her these days as she wants to be so independent and walk/run everywhere herself. She has definitely started to practice the selective listening skill!

I just love watching her play. She just mimics everything we do all the time which seriously cracks me up. She "cooks" in her play kitchen and the latest obsession has been trying to flip things with her little flipper. She is actually getting it and she can balance pancakes or bread on the end of the flipper and walk with it. She loves to pour imaginary tea from her teapot into every container she can find and she will stop every now and then to pour some of it right into her own mouth! 

We haven't been lately, but she started to skate a little bit on her own, kind of.... she was able to take about 4 short little gliding steps before falling down the last time we went. She doesn't mind the cold or the falling in the snow or getting wet AT ALL. She loves being outside, but is REALLY starting to hate the snow pants. If she catches a glimpse of me getting them out, she runs away or throws herself on the floor in a heap. I have to fight her and struggle to get them on, and then she is fine! I am looking forward to not having to wear those! We won't be able to wear them soon anyway, as she is growing like a weed!!! 

I just can't believe how much she has grown! She is now wearing all 2T clothing and it fist just right. Her 18-24 month stuff has long been packed away already. We will have her 18 month shots next week where we will see how much she weighs and how to tall she is now. I am very curious!

I could keep writing for days about all the cute and funny and smart things my little monkey does all the time, but I won't continue to bore you with all this mom stuff. 

These are pictures of me at 18 months! Pretty darn similar to Nora!

Thank you for sticking around for 18 whole months of updates! Happy February!

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