Weekly Nora

January 21, 2015

This week marks the least photos ever taken in one week in Nora's life! Ha ha! I have 4 to share with you and they aren't the greatest! I have been taking many more videos instead of photos these days trying to capture all the hilarious things she does. She also doesn't sit still and doesn't perform for the camera for ANYTHING. She looks away when I have it out :(((( She will come back around one day, right?

We've been doing lots of playing outside and going to Nora's fave spots like the park and the backyard :) She doesn't mind the cold at all and makes no fuss about getting bundled up in 20 layers. I am beginning to get a little sick of the whole routine though. I know it's still far away, but spring...? Please?

The little climber's new trick is climbing into her baby stroller and calling for a ride! She just barely fits into it!
DIP! That's a new word and she loves to eat anything she can dip with! If there is anything on her plate that she doesn't eat,  I bribe her with the smallest amount of "dip"- ketchup, sour cream, ranch, plum sauce, etc. It may be a bad habit to get into... but it's pretty cute to hear the DIP requests!
The bookworm at work... readin' books always!


Weekly Nora- Christmas 2.0

January 14, 2015

We live in a winter wonderland! We are so lucky and I hope Nora never takes it for granted. Last week we hit up our local "whiteway" which is a huge long cross country track and plowed skating path (its actually in the guiness book of world records for the longest one ever!) I skated and Tom skied with Nora in the backpack.  

She just loves being outside so much. She never wants to come in and never seems to get cold and miserable. 
We had Christmas with my side of the family on the weekend. It was full on Christmas morning, roast goose and ham round two. Nora was SUPER into the presents this time! She helped everyone open theirs and ripped into every gift there. On real Christmas, she hardly touched a gift! 
Nora's Auntie and Uncle got her a wagon! 

And I got a selfie stick!!!! 

We put the selfie stick to good use for a group shot. Here are all my peeps!

We were so lucky to receive this sweet hand me down from a local family who had out grown it! Total score!

My rosy cheeked little snow bunny taking it all in. She is so much fun!


Nora, 17 Months

January 07, 2015

Isn't she just a doll? 

I just re-read what I had written for 16 months and not too much has changed in the last month. I actually can't believe another month has come and gone. Nora has just in the last week or so started to say many more words and she will imitate and repeat almost every word we ask her to. She said her first two-syllable words this week- GO BA (for glow bug, a little toy she has) and AMMOOO (apple). I was so proud! ;)

She JUST LOVES the snow. It's hilarious. That girl would live outside if she could. She makes a fuss when we come in after playing out there and gets ridiculously excited to go out. She runs in circles and tries desperately to collect all her outdoor gear for me. She has started to "jump" too, but she can't quite get her feet off the ground yet, so she just waves her arms and her face looks all determined. 

She and I walked to our nearby park the other day and on the way she kept collapsing face down in the snow on purpose just so she could eat it! I'd have to take my mitts off and wipe it all off her face so she isn't get too cold, and then she would do it again! She also flies down the slide with snow on it and comes shooting off the end and giggles! I don't even catch her and she loves it!

She also loves skating. We have been a few times now and it's just so fun watching her enjoy herself doing something "real" and grown up. She wants to skate on her own so badly. We have tried to think of a way we can teach her to stand up on the skates on her own a little better, but she is just a bit too young for it. We have to take turns often with her because a few minutes of holding her up and trying to skate is a major back breaker! 

She now has all her teeth through the gums and they have been much less bothersome for her. She is sleeping like a champ and dare I tell you that she SLEEPS IN until 7:15!! Who knew 7:15 was sleeping in?! I sure feels good to stay in bed until then though! This morning I got up for work at 6:15 and actually enjoyed a shower, coffee and reading in quiet for a while before she got up! 

New favourite "toys" are my lip gloss, which is now hers as she goes around and puts it on everything in sight-- even my cousin's dog when they were visiting this week! She also loves the keys, pens, "painting" aka, this water set that lets them paint with water only- thank god!, and anything she can open on her own, which is most small jars and lids now! 

Parenting Nora just becomes more and more interesting and fun as the months go on. There are so many more things I am excited to do with her and watch her experience and yet, being in this moment at 17 months is just the best too. She is our funny little monkey, always bringing a smile to my face and never ceasing to amaze me every day! I can't say enough times how much joy she brings us all the time!


Nora June's Second Christmas!

December 31, 2014

Thank you all for being patient with yet another hiatus on Miss Tweedle. In true Tweedle fashion, I would like to end 2014 with a little plan- Nora posts will continue on Wednesdays and the last Friday of every month, I am going to post an overview of crafts, recipes, activities etc that we have been up to as well! I have decided that I am not ready to give up the blog all together and mostly, I had several people tell me their Christmas cards how much they still enjoy it, that I just can't bring myself to cut everyone off! :)

So without further adieu, here's the low down from the last 3 weeks!

We enjoyed extended fall weather with no snow and ice until Christmas eve! It was strange not having snow, but actually quite nice because we could still walk to the park and play without having to bundle up in layers!

My little helper caused no end to the entertainment with all the Christmas preparations. She helped me wrap, aka. tore the paper off the gifts, tangled the ribbon and used an entire roll of tape in one sitting. She helped decorate a gingerbread house, aka. licked the icing, ate the walls and threw the candies and sprinkles all over the floor! And she loved the Christmas tree- and that she didn't terrorize! She just stood and stared at it several times a day, the prettiest little sight! 
Santa photos this year were not as picturesque as last year, to be expected. Nora learned how to say "Ho Ho Ho" which she said constantly whenever she saw a picture of Santa or saw him on TV or even heard the word Santa in books or in songs. She liked the big guy from a distance and pointed wildly at any Santas we saw, but there was no way I was going to get a smile this year with her on Santa's knee!

She has become OBSESSED with watching any videos of herself on our phones. If she spots the phone, all she wants to do is look at the videos we have taken and she screeches MEEEEEE (please!!!!) until one of two things happen: 1- we let her, or 2- we don't and a giant toddler tantrum ensues! These tantrums are quite something too- full on throwing fists, kicking and screaming and crying and dropping to the floor. Uh oh! 
Christmas morning was interesting too! Nora was pretty overwhelmed and her favourite presents were a hairbrush, electric toothbrush and a water bottle! She carried all three things around all morning and wasn't interested in any other gifts. She even batted unopened presents away when we tried to hand them to her! Enough with these boxes, hand me my hairbrush! 
This is her "I am done with you people in my space" face! 
She did get pretty excited when we opened this sled from her Uncle Nick. Our little climber couldn't wait to jump up on it and perch! 

Playing with some new gifts. I am in love with those Squigz she got from Santa! They stick on windows, together, the floor, the fridge, the table and even Tom's forehead! (We tried! lol!)

On boxing day we went skating for the first time with her. She LOVED it! She tried to really skate with strap on blades on her boots. She had a ton of fun! 

As 2014 comes to a close, I can't believe how much Nora has changed in the last year. Last Christmas she wasn't even sitting up yet and now look at her. Our talking, toddling little New Year's Baby! This photo shoot was Mama Tweedle's idea- she wanted a "vintage" inspired photo of her with a 2015 sash ringing in the new year with a bell. Do you think we could get her to look at the camera or start still for a second?!  

Happy New Year and thanks for reading! 


Nora June- 16 Months

December 10, 2014

This picture above pretty much sums up 16 months! BUSY, CLIMBING, CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP TODDLING MANIAC. 

Did you catch that? Toddling maniac!!! That's what we have been calling her. She is nuts! She never stops! 

Things Nora does at 16 months:

- Climbs anything and everything- I turned around to get something from the fridge and she was standing in her eating chair that clips to the counter. I turned around to get something while grocery shopping and she was standing in the kiddie seat part of the shopping cart. She climbs on every couch, chair, pillow, bed and coffee table in sight. 

- Says a few words, but nothing much yet. She only has one syllable of each word as of yet. She says BA- bath, bottle, book, boots, baby, bum
NA- Nana
MA- Mama
DA- Dada
NO- snow (doesn't actually say NO yet!), nose
CO- cold
HAAA- hot
ME- please
UP- up
CHEE- cheese
CHEES- cheers!
PEE- pee
TEE- teeth
EYES- eyes

"Me" for Please is still her favourite word. It's too funny! I'll say "What do you say?" when she wants something and it comes out like this short little grunty "ME, ME, ME!" or I say "say please!" and she does it again. 

- Loves the snow and going outside for walks and playing

- Still eats anything and everything

- Has 2 more teeth- she cut one of her top "fangs" and one of the bottom ones. The other 2 are in process right now.

- She loves to wrestle with Tom and last week he had several scratches on his bald forehead that were quite noticeable! Oops!

- She still makes a ton of animals sounds- owl, snake, cow, sheep, horse, cat, dog, fish, pig!

- She LOVES books. They are still her favourite thing to play with. We recently took out all her Christmas books and she amazed us all with how well she can find things in the I Spy book. On the first page, she can find "A clock, a bumpy green pickle, Santa on a sleigh and a face on a nickel. A frog on a leaf, a chubby teddy bear, white and black keys and a yellow pear". I almost died after she pointed to all of those but the "keys". She sits and slips through pages of books many, many times throughout the day. 

- She has started to play with her Baby doll too. She tries to feed it her toy bottle and play food, covers it in a blanket and gives it kisses. It's too cute!

- She turns our apartment upside down all day long- cupboards (which are now locked up), every piece of clothing gets pulled out of her dresser and ours, my craft supplies are all over the place if she manages to get into it, etc. This is one of the disadvantages to having such a small apartment- there is no room to baby gate- the whole place is fair game!

- She is obsessed with the toilet and is always looking at it and trying to flush it, plays with the toilet paper and pretends to wipe with it and says PEE when she sees it! Maybe a sign that potty training may be on the horizon?!

She makes us laugh everyday and I still can't wait to kiss those cheeks a million times and squeeze her to death!

All ready to go tree hunting!
15 minutes later....

Always wanting to be the little helper!

On a side note... I attended my first craft fair on the weekend and it was a great success! 

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