Craft Updates from October and November

November 26, 2014

I interrupt your weekly programming to bring you all the posts I had been planning for November in one! It's mostly just pictures, some of them not very good... but you can see all the crafty things I have been up to!

Mr. Tweedle and I hosted Thanksgiving and I made some super cute place setting cards with mini pumpkins! They were so festive for fall and Nora loved playing with all the mini pumpkins for weeks afterwards!

 Nana made her famous Apple Pie which is still the best I have ever had...

I made some post- thanksgiving pumpkin "muffins" which were supposed to be healthy until I added about a pound of maple cinnamon cream cheese icing to them!

We finished Nora's play kitchen that I had been dreaming up for ages. It was such a hard choice on which colour to go with... I agonized over whether to go white, pastel or bright for days and days and in the end the colour I picked turned out great. However, it doesn't do much to the decor in our living room. Her stuff is taking over little by little....

She loves playing in this kitchen, though and I love that there is a ton of storage for all her toys and play dishes/food in there!

I have LOVED doing art projects with my class! Here are 2 recent ones... chalk poppies for Remembrance Day and painted paper family portraits to go with our Social Studies unit on Families. 

As the photos were loading for this post, I was stitching away on Christmas hoops. It's only 10 days until the Christmas craft fair that I am in and I'm frantically keeping up with orders and making hoops for the fair. 

I made a Miss Tweedle sign to match my business card!

The mayhem that I is my "craft area" aka. the corner of our bedroom floor!

And last but not least, your weekly Nora fix... still doing everything cute and funny and smart all the time!


Weekly Nora

November 19, 2014

I am knee deep in hoop orders over here as well as preparing for my very first craft fair! (Cue nervous excitement!) I have a table at our local craft fair in a couple of weeks and along with the dozens of hoops I have been selling in my shop, I am frantically trying to make enough Christmas hoops for the sale! I am having fun with it and may or may not have listened to some Christmas music while I work already! 

I thought I would chronicle a day in the life with our little busybody for you today! 

5:47 Awake moaning, screaming, laughing, whimpering or talking and escalate said sounds until we finally go in and get her. 

6:15 Smile from ear to ear and lay still for the last 5 minutes of the day while guzzling a warm bottle. 

6:22 Shoot upright and demand to get out of the sleep sack by grunting and pointing wildly to the zipper and then take off to her bookshelf to do her morning reading session. 

6:26 Screech until I pick her up in order to "push the button" on the coffee maker. (Why did I ever let her do that in the first place....?!)

6:45 Time is up for me to be done checking the social media and emails on my phone and to enjoy my coffee while it is hot/while I am sitting down! Nora has now crawled behind her rocker and is switching the power bar on and off turning the lamp and monitor on and off repeatedly. (Note: when baby monitor loses power it beeps obnoxiously and cannot be stopped until it decides to). 

6:45-7:00 Move playtime to the living room and tear every play dish out of the play kitchen bringing me each thing one by to demonstrate with. 

7:00 Breakfast- smoothie, fruit and toast/pancakes- guzzle smoothie and throw bits of pancake on the floor and watch me pick each one up. Demand to get down by screeching and/or making the sign for "all done" while screeching. 

7:15-8 Head to the diaper bag and take everything out one by one, lay down and ask to have her diaper changed repeatedly. Continue taking toys in and out of play kitchen. Screech wildly at kitchen drawers until I open them for her to taker every pot and pan or tupperware out. Carry everything and anything into her bedroom or ours, leaving a trail of tidying to be done wherever she goes!

8:00 Get dressed and time for me to attempt a shower. Some days she will sit happily on the bathroom floor, lately, she screams at the edge of the tub and throws the wet shower curtain around, soaking the entire bathroom and herself. 

8:20 Go upstairs to visit Nana. Carry entire contents of Nana's tupperware around the whole house. 

9:00 Screech wildly at the counter in order to get up and one sip of the half-finished smoothie and then screech to get down again. 

9-10 I try and tidy, clean, answer emails, etc. while she interrupts be every 5 seconds for a story, to get up, get down, poke my belly button, say "eyes, nose, teeth" pointing to hers and then mine, lock herself in the bathroom, slam the toilet lid on her fingers, cuddle her head on my shoulder, haul the dirty laundry out of the basket, find the swiss army knife in Tom's bedside table, or eat the deodorant he left on the floor of his closet. Needless to say, this is why the 5 breakfast dishes I have to do takes a whole hour. 

10-11 Bundle up and go out for errands or a walk. 

11-12 More playtime, singing, stories, fetch and carry, snacks... 

12 Lunch time! Aka. begin the whole breakfast routine of eating/throwing food simultaneously while I clean and offer more.

12:20 Naptime. Stories, dark room, cuddle, song, sleep!!!

2:30/3 Wake moaning, screaming, laughing, whimpering or talking and escalate until I go in and get her!

3:15-4 Carry each pair of shoes in the house into a different room, suck on a dirty sock, scream for the tupperware drawer to be opened, try every lid on every container, hide every lid in obscure places around the house, cuddle her baby, make every animal sound, bust a move by head bobbing and waving her hands in the air, stick stickers all over the floor, carry a ball of my yarn around until it is tangled on her legs, take every button out of the button jar and scatter them all over the floor, find a speck of grass and put it in the garbage, open and shut the bathroom door, fall down in a heap when I refuse the computer mouse, iPhone, remote or keyboard, cuddle in my lap and shove a book into my chest for me to read it to her. 

4-5 Bundle up for more errands, visiting, park or walks. 

5-6 Suppertime and more of the same circus act of trying to cook/get something done with my busybody motoring around!

6-6:30 Lately Tom has been home in the evenings more which has been glorious! We can tag team the last playtime of the evening which usually involves him wrestling with Nora on the floor, giving horsey rides, tickling, stories, hide and go seek or dance parties! 

6:30-7 Bedtime routine and NIGHT NIGHT! 

NOTE: Even though it sounds like I am complaining, this post is meant all in fun. I am obsessed with everything Nora does and I love watching her play and fetch and carry and turn this place upside down from morning until night. I love my little busybody more and more all the time!


Nora June, 15 Months Old

November 05, 2014

Hello Tweedle Readers! Is there anyone still out there?!

I am breaking my blogging "silence" to tell you that the silence, unfourtunately will continue. I had intended to start back to my regular DIY and homemaking posts in November. However, the break from having to do that 3x a week was really nice and so I have decided to extend my break until the new year. I realized how much more time I had to pursue my many hobbies and spend time with Mr. Tweedle when I wasn't spending 3 evenings a week putting together posts. I really enjoy the blog and I'm always thinking of ideas for posts. I have an ongoing list on my desk with things I jot down that I could write about. But truthfully, the time it takes to take the pictures, edit them, upload them, write the post, preview it and post it, is just too much for me right now. If I could just sit down and write posts and have the photos magically appear, I would do it in a second.

I am sorry for those of you who have been looking forward to my restart! I know the feeling when a fave blogger takes a hiatus and you wait in limbo wondering if you will ever know what happened to them. It's annoying and you don't get any closure! I'm not going to do that to you, because I know the real reason you all keep coming back is to see the pictures of Nora anyway! THOSE will continue-- Wednesdays with Nora are still a thing! In the meantime, I am going to try and post more on my Miss Tweedle Facebook page and I also post almost daily on Instagram (@misstweedle).

Now, on to the main event...

15 months tomorrow!

Favourites at 15 Months: 

- "Fetch and Carry" as Nana Tweedle called it the other night. That is pretty much what she does all day long. Fetches things for us whether we want them or not, and/or carries things around. 
- Toys? Why bother?! The pots, pans, cupboards, toiletries, toilet paper, garbage, shoes, jacket hooks and remote controls are far more exciting. She really has hardly picked up a toy and played with it in ages. 

- Books on the other hand... are still a fave. She LOVES books and still sits quietly for several minutes flipping through pages. She also "fetches" them for me all day long and the way in which she tells me she would like me to read is to climb into my lap and shove the book into my chest repeatedly until I start reading :)

- The Park! At the mention of going outside or the park, she has her shoes in hand and is trying to turn the doorknob. She goes bananas when we say we are going and pants heavily trying desperately to put her shoes on herself. 

- She still loves animals and making animal sounds. No more real words yet. She says cheers, tickle tickle, and ba for bus, bath, bottle and book. But she knows so much more than she can say. She points to even the most obscure objects in books when I ask her, like "point to the scissors!" and she does. 

- She dances with some new moves now that she can walk. She does the funniest thing where she runs backwards quickly and then forwards and looks down at her feet, like "hey guys, check out my fancy footwork!" She also has a good head bob going on and pumps her fists in the air. 

- And MY favourite is that she has been quite the cuddler lately. She crawls up into my lap and puts her head against my chest or when I am carrying her, she will put her head on my shoulder. 

First ponytail!

She loves watching the photo stream on the TV when music is on!


10 Funny Things Nora Did Today

October 29, 2014

1. "Asked" (grunted and squealed) to go into her crib when it wasn't close to bedtime or nap time in order to bounce and roll around and giggle. I even left the room for a minute and she was happy as a clam!

2. Went into the diaper bag and got her change pad, wipes and a diaper, laid it all out on the floor and then lay down on it and pointed to her bum! I said, "You don't need a change right now..." and she grunted and squealed until I changed it anyway! 

3. Launched her chick peas, tomato, cheese and avocado all over the room when she was done eating. (Ok, so she isn't trained Nanny Diaries style yet... and, maybe NOT so funny!)

4. Spent a good 30 minutes (which is a lifetime in toddler time) packing the shampoo all around the apartment, stopping periodically to pretend to squeeze some out and wash herself. 

5. Got a hold of my box of tampons and "sorted" each one in to her food containers, chewing on each one as she went... (they had wrappers on them, for the record...)

6. Squeezed her baby doll's head so hard they both shook and then tossed it aside in frustration when she couldn't get the doll's headband on. (Sometimes how I feel when she won't wear the million adorable headbands I have for her! Tables have turned....;)

7. Raced around the house naked before bath time stopping every time she passed a mirror to examine herself and point to you-know-where. 

8. Took every pot and pan out of the kitchen drawer, trying every lid on each pot as she went (she LOVES lids!)

9. Licked her finger with a huge smacking sound after she saw me lick mine during supper, and then proceeded to do it 100 more times, each time with a poker straight face. 

10. Pointed wildly to her pajamas when we went up and said goodnight to Nana Tweedle. Nana says "oh, you have your stripes on tonight" and she grins from ear to ear looking down at her outfit. (This is their little routine they do whenever she comes upstairs and it cracks me up every time!)

I could keep going, but I won't bore you with such things! Do all parents think their child is the most brilliant and funny child in the world?! 


Weekly Nora

October 22, 2014

What a week for our little GIRL. She is changing so much again and learning by the minute. Nora started WALKING on the weekend! Yay! She had been taking a few steps here and there as you know, and just like everyone told me would happen, she just got up and started walking. It was too funny. We visited Nora's Aunties in Calgary this weekend and on Saturday evening I was getting her ready for bed and I couldn't catch her to put jammies on. She just wanted to walk in circles all around the room with a giant smile on her face. I was glad that someone else got to witness it with me because it was just too cute!

Helping with the winter tires!
Shoe shopping in Nordstrom
Play food to go with her new DIY play kitchen we have been working on... I can't wait to show you!
On Sunday both of my sisters and I took her to a pumpkin patch outside of Calgary which also had a petting zoo, playgrounds and a corn maze as well as several other fun fall harvest things like train rides and pig races! What a place! Nora was in heaven with all the animals and she was showing off all her sounds. She now knows the animals sounds for sheep, cow, horse, dog, cat, snake and fish. My favourites are the horse and the cat. She makes a really high pitched "Meeeeeeow" with the meeeee part long and drawn out and then the owww soft. The horse is the same but with Neiggggghhhhh.

I can't even handle that fur vest! I bought it at the mall on Saturday and of course she had to wear it the next day! So many people commented on how cute she looked and an old man even wanted to take her picture he loved it so much! 

Since Nora has started walking, I kept my plan to stop nursing. I don't think she was getting much to drink anyway as it hardly seems like there is any milk in there these days. We switched her to a bottle first thing in the morning and I have given her one at bedtime too the last 2 days and it has been totally fine. She hasn't missed it at all! I cannot believe I nursed her for over 14 months. It is crazy to think that I haven't hardly missed a 7 pm feed in that long. Remember this post when I talked about how hard breastfeeding was at first? I remember thinking to myself during the first few months that if I could just make it to 6 months she would start eating some solid foods and things would get easier. I was telling a friend this and they really bursted my bubble by telling me that they still nursed just as much, but ALSO ate food which was even more work ;) Well, as it turns out, nursing wasn't so bad and I became very attached to the idea of it.

I think the hardest part about nursing is that you have to come to terms with the idea that you are your baby's main food source. I used to have thoughts of myself getting into a car accident, and I'd survive, but I'd have to be in hospital and then I'd miss a feed and then what would happen to Nora. It was all OK, because we were going to be fine, but how would anyone know where to get bottles for her and which formula to feed her and how much she needed. I should be there feeding her! It was a recurring nightmare/daydream I had for several months.

I am glad to be finished with it and I am so grateful that it worked out for us and that I was able to feed Nora with "nature's best" for so long. However, time is up and I am ready to have Dad do some bedtimes every now and then!

We had a little battle with food going on for the last month or so and I think we finally broke some bad habits! Nora was in the routine of throwing, actually not just throwing, LAUNCHING her food across the room when she was finished eating or if she didn't like what she was given. For the most part, she still eats everything, but like everyone, sometimes she wants more of something rather than the next thing I had offered her. We tried in desperation to take the food away, put it out of reach for a minute, raise our voices with a firm NO, make eye contact with her and say it nicely, ignore it... nothing worked! Every meal it never failed that her leftovers would get splattered on the wall, all the way into our living room, on other furniture, etc. Finally, I decided to go the mean Nanny Diaries route and every time she did it, I would just say calmly, "don't throw your food please" and take her to her crib and leave her there for about 1 min. She would cry and have a little tantrum and right away I'd go get her and say "let's try again". It only took about 3 days of doing this and she hasn't thrown food in about a week! I knew she was just doing it to get a rise out of us in the first place!

Enjoying one of the finer things in life.. mini donuts!

We are on the Halloween countdown and I can't wait to show you Nora's adorable costume! Have a great week!

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