Custom Embroidery Hoops for Miss Tweedle Crafts

July 25, 2014

I'm so excited that I have been able to send off several custom hoop orders in the last week or so. I've been stichin' up a storm and the creative juices are just a flowin' off that needle! ;)

Check out what I have been up to!

Want to order something? Send me an email, message me on Etsy, comment on this post... send smoke signals... I'm always looking for a project!

Click here to take another cruise through my shop.

My friend Addie just recently bought a little camping trailer that she is going to make-over with red and white. She ordered this custom hoop to hang inside. I just love how it turned out! Thinking about adding this to the shop! 
I received a picture of Cora's nursery which was pink, green and blue. I chose to stick to the varying shades of pink with the pale green background. 
A slight variation from my original mountain hoop- a blue background instead. Both are equally appealing! The mountain hoop is listed in the shop- order away! 
Tweedlebud Lainey ordered a custom house portrait as a gift. These make wonderful keepsakes. 
I had an order for a girl's hoop using grey, navy, pink and purple and this is what I chose to do. I'm now officially in love with this combo! Isn't it pretty?! 

Which one is your favourite?

Remember, see the shop by clicking HERE- Miss Tweedle Crafts on Etsy. 

Thanks for all your support! 


Baby Tweedle- 50 Weeks Old

July 23, 2014

As the weeks and days get closer to Nora's birthday, I find myself constantly thinking about how I was feeling this time last year, the anticipation of meeting my baby brought extreme emotions daily! No one could have prepared me for the joy and love that I feel for this little monkey! This time last year I was oblivious to what labour and birth would be like, what the stack of parenting books piling up beside my bed would tell me that had to be done, what running on a few hours sleep would feel like, what extreme pain breastfeeding could bring, and best of all, what crazy feelings Mr. Tweeds and I would have for our little girl. I guess maybe hot July will always remind me of Nora and that lingering July 30th due date that came and went!

I am planning a post about her birth and all the things I wish I had known before having a baby, but it is taking me a while to organize all my thoughts on this, so maybe by her birthday in 2 weeks I will have it written. 

We are so busy lately! I have been experiencing a bit of success with my etsy shop which has left my head spinning with fabric and felt and sewing, oh my! Every spare minute during naps and after bedtime has been spent hooping it up and I am just about caught up. I had 9 orders to finish in the last week! I will be posting more about some of my work on Friday, so you can stay tuned for that too!

While we were away on our trip, Nora was getting up at a ridiculous hour- 4:30ish or if I was lucky, 5!! That is ungodly! I was hoping things would settle back down when we got home and thankfully they did. I am not going to brag over the details of her sleep, though, because every time I do, she changes! So I will leave it at, "things are going well". Hopefully that is ambiguous enough :)

Helping me with my etsy orders!

Lately Nora is all about dancing and music! It's hilarious!! She bops to music whenever she hears it and she can't get enough of any  toy that sings or plays tunes. She even gets her head and hands going with her torso and it's sooooo funny! She thinks she is pretty darn good at it too, as she smiles and looks at us whenever she is dancing- a little ham! She picked up the Baby Beluga book and started dancing too- she knew it was a song book before I even sang it! 

Every day she shows off more and more of the immense knowledge that is already in her little noggin. She communicates so much and I am amazed at what she knows. I can now ask her to hand her certain things and she will know to pick it up off the floor and come over to me and give it to me. Whenever she sees my phone on the table, she will pick it up and bring it to me right away. I don't know if this is a good sign or a bad one-- she already knows that it's always supposed to be in my hand?! The other night I asked her "where is your mouth?" and she pointed, and "where are your eyes?" and she pointed to those too! 

She will also give butterfly kisses now and it's so sweet. She comes in close to my face and leans hers against mine and closes her eyes for a split second and then whips her head up and smiles and looks at me. She laughs when I do it to her and rests her head on my shoulder. If I say, "can I have cuddles?", she leans her head on my chest or shoulder and I pat her back. She likes giving "cuddles" just before she goes into her crib for naps and I just love it. I don't even ask for them at nap time. It's as if it is her way of saying, "I'm tired, good night!"

I had our photo stream going on the TV the other day and was in the kitchen and I heard "Da da!" and she was pointing to a picture of Tom on the TV. She consistently says "wa wa" for water and knows that it is in more places that her cup. She even saw spilled water on the floor and said it! 

I can't say enough that Nora is our little sunshine. We love her so!


Favourite Summer Recipes

July 21, 2014

Summer is in full swing over here and we are enjoying lots of fresh fruit and produce from our garden as well as local markets. Here are some of my tried and true favourite summer recipes which have been posted on Miss Tweedle over the last couple of years! Click on each link to see the full post with recipes and methods!

German Potato Salad which adds a punch to any summer BBQ!
Delicious, Fresh Summer Salsa
Berry and Nectarine Summer Galette
Our favourite way to store tomatoes for the winter- Roasted!
The BEST Rhubarb Cake you have ever had!
Miss Tweedle's raved about Guacamole
My all time favourite summer dessert- Mama Tweedle in Law's Raspberry Pie

Which one are you going to make? Leave me a comment and let me know! :)


Baby Tweedle- 49 Weeks Old

July 16, 2014

We are home from our trip! (Barely!) It has been a long couple of days in and out of a hot truck, but my happy little girl was a champion traveller. What a great time we had on our holiday. It was so nice to have a change of scenery and hang out and explore a different place! It was also really fun being with Mama and Heinz Tweedle for the whole two weeks and have an extra set of hands. They just love her to bits, obviously and it was great seeing Nora's relationship with them grow. 

We spent 2 weeks on Vancouver Island in Qualicum Beach, BC where Mama and Heinz have a second home. Their place is 2 blocks from the most beautiful beach which stretches as far as the eye can see in both directions. I'm sure you gathered from my photo dump last week that Nora was loving the water and the sand. After being in QB, we headed to a family reunion in Fort Langley, BC which is also a really picturesque and quaint place with lots of nice shops and restaurants. There is a place called the "Antique Mall" there too, which we spent a good amount of time browsing in! 

A highlight of our trip was spending 2 days with Tweedlebud Megan and her girls. We miss them so much and wish we could play together all the time. It was so fun to see the three kids all together!

Nora continues to change by the minute. Her latest accomplishments include pointing and saying "ah ah ah" as if she is trying to tell us what she is pointing to. She says "wa wa" for water, woofs when she sees a picture of a puppy, says mama and dada and "pa" for Opa or puppy or up. She just loves being outside and exploring new places. She often scoots over to the door and points to go outside. She will happily be held and walked around looking at flowers and trees and plants. She knows what a bird is always looks up to see if she can see any. 

She has got her 6th tooth and now has a good set of chompers in there! She continues to eat like horse, although I may have overdosed her on some foods as she is less interested in a few things these days. She is not yet walking or making an efforts to try and walk on her own. She is quite stubborn when we try and let go of her hands while she is standing. She will have none of it! She will only stand or take steps if someone is holding both hands. I attribute this to her long legs and body- she's got more to learn to balance with!

Hangin' in Ft. Langley with Great Auntie Murmie

I am now only nursing her first thing in the morning and at night before she goes to bed. It's nice having the freedom to be apart from her a little during the day or not have to think about having to nurse at a certain time. However, I go between emotions about it constantly. I know it's the right thing to do- to wean her, but at the same time, it just feels like I'm letting go of a part of our relationship when I cut it off. I think it will be hard when I am done all together, so right now I'm not thinking about it.... :)

Antiquing! Guys, do you like this chair?
My little bookworm spent the whole drive looking at her books. She just loves turning the pages and  pointing at pictures. She talks away as if she is reading to herself. It's so darn cute!
I am thankful every day that my baby is so happy, thriving and full of life. We have such a great support system around us too, with so many people that love Nora. She is such a lucky baby to be so loved and we are truly grateful. 


Island Thrifting

July 14, 2014

As you know, we are on a little holiday down on Vancouver Island at Mama Tweedle's second home. She always brags about the great thrift stores, garage sales and antique stores down here. I'm going to start bragging too, because she is on to something! We have hit several thrift stores and did 12 garage sales last weekend, too. I snatched up a number of awesome finds!

If you read my thrifting list in this post, you will know that I was on the hunt for a bundt pan- found one in perfect condition for $1! I couldn't resist this heart-shaped vintage jelly mould as well. 
I scored a tupperware marinating container- we already have one of these which we use all the time. I happened to know they cost about $40 new and this was in perfect condition for $2. I also picked up a second set of silicone muffin tin liners (they work great!) for 50 cents and this awesome corelle baking dish in new condition for $5. 
I am going to attend a few farmer's markets this summer to promote my Etsy shop and hoop art. I had been trying to think of ways to display my hoops until I came across these- all for $2! 
More vintage cards! There was a giant box of christmas cards at a sale that had no price on it (or so I thought) so I offered $3 for the box- the woman thought that was funny as she pointed to the price tag- $1 for the whole box. Even better! 
There are some real gems in that box. I am planning a Christmas craft with some of them- maybe a card garland of some kind...

Mama Tweedle's favourite thrift store doesn't have much for kids items as this town is full of seniors. I still managed to find 2 cute things for Nora- $1 each. 
I was so pumped to find wooden embroidery hoops at many of the stops we made. They are actually really hard to find. They are not sold in Michael's or Fabricland. I have to order them online and shipping tends to be expensive, but of course, the seniors came to my rescue in this town! Most of these hoops were about 50 cents each. I also picked up some fabric and embroidery thread to add to my stash! 
This is for me! Cute toque for $1 :) 
These books were 25 cents each. We went to a garage sale in which a woman was selling all the stuff she used in a home daycare. She was closing her business. Most of the items were gone by the time we got there, but there were some great books. I will use these in my classroom. 

You should see how Mama Tweedle furnished her entire second home with thrift store and garage sale items! -  Read about it here

If you are interested in some of my other thrifting finds- see all my posts about it here


The Yummiest, Tastiest, EASIEST
Pancakes in the World!

July 11, 2014

I am always looking for new breakfast options that Nora can also eat. So many breakfast foods have a ton of sugar in them and we all know I need to downsize my sugar intake! We are also trying really hard not to give Nora any sugar at all. I was skeptical about how these pancakes would taste when I saw the recipe on Pinterest- no flour?! No baking powder... but they looked like real pancakes!

These are SO good! The banana makes them super sweet, the eggs add protein and the cinnamon and vanilla add flavour so that you don't need to top them with anything! This has now become a breakfast staple for us and I make big batches and save them for snacks too.

They're delicious and SO SO easy!!

Here's what you do: Mash 1 banana in a bowl, add 2 eggs, a tsp of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla. Stir it all together and cook on the stovetop like regular pancakes! I get 4-6 small-med sized pancakes out of this recipe. We top them with berries and chow down! YUM!

I have also added almond butter to give it a little kick, added berries right into the mix and cooked them with the pancake and I have also added leftover quinoa to the mix. All three additions turn out just as good!

What are your favourite breakfast staples?

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