Four Years of Nora June

August 24, 2017

My Baby Tweedle turned four at the beginning of August and I am finally writing the post I have been thinking about writing since then! I know this is so cliche and everyone always says this, but she is growing up so fast before my eyes! I cannot even believe we have one more year of her at home and that this time next year she will be off to kindergarten!

As promised, I'm going to write a "10 Things" obout each of the girls on their birthdays, so without further adieu....

1. A day in the life of a four year old Nora looks a little something like this: 7:00 wake up, TV and breakfast until about 8, play/plan the day, 9-11:30 go on an outing to the park, see friends, beach, visit family, etc. 12 lunch, 12:30 Juliet naps and Nora watches TV again until about 1:30, 1:30-3 quiet colouring, puzzles, reading, one on one time with me... 3-4:30/5 more outings, playtime, errands, etc. 5-6 suppertime, 7:00 bedtime and asleep immediately! When school starts again and I am back at work, she will go to school 2 mornings a week and a day home once a week. The other 4 days she will be at home on the same schedule. What a life!

2. Our little crafter continues to be OBSESSED with making things. Her new thing is making people a "list". Like, she had to make a "list" of things Juliet does for the day home to know, and a list of things to pack for camping. Sometimes she makes "lists" which are totally not lists, like a "list" to tell daddy not to leave his coffee cup around the house! "Posters" are also really popular right now too. She makes "posters" all the time which are pictures that she tapes onto things in order to label them. She made a poster of Juliet and put it on the fridge because "Juliet likes food"... Ha Ha!!! It drives me a tad crazy to CONSTANTLY be putting random pieces of paper and scraps away and felts and scissors and glue with no lids and and and..... BUT... really... she comes by it honestly!

3. I don't know if she is smarter than the average child, but I am going with YES, because remember, my blog, my bragging rights? She can recognize almost all the letters in the alphabet and she is starting ask quite frequently what sound they make. At just 4 years old, I feel like that is quite sophisticated, being a Kindergarten teacher and all.... to even make the connections that letters make sounds and words is a huge accomplishment. We play a game where she asks me how to "say" (spell) a word and I sound it out and she guesses the letters. Like, "how do you say Juliet?" and I sound out J-U-L-I-E-T and she guesses. She is getting better and definitely knows about 5-10 letter sounds which is crazy! She knows her numbers too and can almost count to 20. She loves learning and playing around with letters and numbers. If anything, being a teacher I was more relaxed about her knowing these things, because I didn't want to be that mom that was pressuring her before she was ready... so I really give ALL credit to her and her desire to learn it all.

4. And on the lines of being a genius... Nora's memory is out of control! Sometimes in a bad way! Things I hope she forgets, she remembers!! But really. How does she remember the colour of the building on a restaurant we went to when she was 2?! I really don't get it! She comes out with things like that ALL the time and I can't believe it. She completely remembers the most minuscule details about so many things it blows our minds almost daily.

5. She is SUCH a wordsmith who loves to rhyme and play around with sayings. A chip off the old Gammy block ;) Actually, my whole family is very literary, my mom, dad, grandma, me, my auntie.... and we all have a similar sense of clever/witty humour. On the night before Nora's birthday, we said, "See you in the morning!" and without even thinking, she said "NO! See you in the FOUR-ning! Get it?! Because I'll be four in the morning!" WHAT THREE-turning-FOUR year old says this stuff?! Also overheard: "Juliet, give that back you GALL!" Me: "Gall?" and her reply: "Yeah, like a seagull, because she always steals stuff like a seagull." She looovvveessssss rhyming and notices and repeats rhymes everywhere all the time. She will often say things like "Oh yeah! Gotta get my shoes boos on!" Or she will randomly say something like "time for a lime and a dime!" and then laugh hysterically. I LOVE it!

6. She is still super tall for her age and looks like she should be starting Kindergarten. It is both an advantage a pain. It's annoying because people expect more from her behaviour that she is ready for. They see her and think she is 5 or 6 and when she mispronounces words or whines or cries easily, they wonder. But it is an advantage in that she is so tall and strong for her age! She took gymnastics and swimming lessons this spring/summer and both instructors were impressed with her abilities for her age. I think she has really good hand/eye coordination for throwing and catching and kicking (of course comparing her with kids in K that I teach... oops!)

7. Her favourite toys at age 4 are still her "guys" (little people and animal figures). She often sets up elaborate scenes with them around the living room recreating TV shows or stories. She still loves Paw Patrol and Curious George and right now is into Doc McStuffins too. She also plays Duplo a lot, but really prefers crafts and reading to any toys. We have been outside a lot so it's hard for me to even think about what she has been doing around the house this summer.

8. She still loves eating and has a crazy appetite. She surprises me all the time what she can eat. She definitely takes after Tom with her fast metabolism and problem of getting HANGRY suddenly! She is really affected by low blood sugar. I can watch her mood change in an instant. If she is suddenly hungry, she needs to be fed instantly or she will go into complete meltdown mode. Within minutes of eating, she is back to her happy self again. It has taken me 4 years to completely figure this out. I worry about her at school and day care, etc when snack and mealtimes are more set times. She pretty much eats about 5-6 full meals a day and I make sure to feed her things that will fill her up at each one. A typical breakfast is a whole piece of toast, a cup of milk, an egg, and about a cup of fresh fruit. About 1.5-2 hours later she eats a snack which is usually crackers and cheese and more fruit or veg. She will eat a whole sandwich and fresh veg for lunch and then ask for a snack while she watches TV and I give her about another cup or fresh veg, cheese, turkey breast/ham and a cookie or a treat on the side. She eats an afternoon snack at 3 when Juliet gets up and then supper with a few random snacks thrown in too!

9. Watching her become a sister to Juliet over the past year and seeing her finally learn to love and accept her as her little bestie as been awesome. The adjustment of having Juliet around was really tough for Nora and it took a good 6 months for her sleep and tantrums to subside back to a pre-Juliet state. Now, she really really loves her and wants to take care of her and laughs with her and plays with her and it's seriously the best.

10. Of course, I have to mention that she is 4, but she is still my Baby Tweedle. My little baby Nora June. There will always be a special place in my heart for her and I love her differently that I do Juliet (not more... just differently!) I think she one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. I look at her in wonder as to where she came from and how she got so grown up and where she got her looks and her brains from. She amazes me and teaches me and I am happier and better because she is here. We play this game where she says "I love you" and then I say "No, I love you" and then she says "No, I love you" and we go back and forth and she laughs and laughs!! But really, I love her so much it actually hurts me to think about. The older she gets and the more she mellows out, the more I see our relationship grow and change into a friendship. I hope she always wants to squeeze me around the neck and talk to me for hours and give me butterfly kisses. She will always be my baby, forever and ever.


One Whole Year of Juliet!

April 07, 2017

I just spent over an hour reading my old posts and wishing I had been more diligent about writing here. It was such a great family journal and fun documentation of our life when I was doing it more regularly! Maybe I'll pick it up again. Or I'll just post a few times a year when I big milestone happens. I had it in mind that I wanted to write an update on Juliet, one year old, for her baby book, and wasn't even going to post it here because I have neglected the blog so much, but I thought it seemed appropriate to add it into the ol' Miss Tweedle vault.

Our little Juliet. Where do I begin?! Let's start a new birthday tradition of 10 THINGS every birthday!

10 Things About Juliet, 12 Months Old

1. Our little happy girl! It's not a secret that Juliet has been a very content and easygoing baby from very early on. She continues to be such a happy, smiley little thing, but is definitely pretty attached to me and beginning to really make strange a lot. It's hard on everyone else that wants to hold her, but I secretly love that she is my little sidekick and happiest in my arms. What mama wouldn't?!

2. The squeak is currently her favourite noise and the only thing that's a guarantee to make her laugh! She loves it when Nora makes a high pitched squeak sound and then they do it back and forth to each other for a few minutes and she giggles away!

3. Words! She is starting to say a few words and really communicating SO MUCH. She says Mama, Dada, Boo!, Night Night and neigh (for horse). She also understands so much more. We were playing on our deck the other night and I said, "why don't you go to the playground?" and she looked right at it and crawled over. She is doing things like tugging on her feet or patting her head when she hears me say "socks" or "hat" and she knows where her ears, nose, mouth, teeth and eyes are. She can also blow kisses, wave, dance to music and say HI. And surprisingly and thankfully, she responds quite well to the word NO!

4. The eyelash batting is the cutest ever! For a few months now, she makes the funniest little coy look and bats her eyeslashes at us often when she is eating. She points her head down and looks up at us and gives a half smile and blinks her eyes. I DIE!

5. She pushes a chair around but isn't walking yet! I thought maybe she would walk by her birthday, but I think we are still a ways off. She is getting more confident with pushing chairs and cruising on furniture and walls every day, but she rarely lets go to stand on her own, if ever. I try and stand her up and make her balance, but she gets really mad at me and sits down and whines and cries when I try.

6. She is beginning the mischief stage BIGTIME. Current favourites of hers are beelining for the stairs at all times (baby gates are us!), escaping into the bathroom when I forget to close the door and splashing in the toilet water, unrolling the TP and/or eating the TP, opening kitchen drawers and emptying them- namely the oil and vinegar bottle storage drawer and eating the chalk from Nora's art easel!!! And I know it's only going to get worse!!

7. She still loves her SLEEP! We are so thankful for our little sleeper, especially the napping part. She  sleeps through the night (and has on and off since she was about 3 months with a few blips along the way). She also still takes 2 naps per day, an early morning one from about 8:30-10 and a longer afternoon nap from 12:30-3 most days. She loves her blank and needs it for sleep, too. It's actually a pink swaddle blankie I had for Nora and she adopted it as her own and now she JUST loves it. She motions to go in her crib close to nap time just to cuddle her blanket and suck her thumb!

8. She also still loves to eat! She feeds herself every meal and eats just as much as Nora, if not more. She isn't a picky eater at all, which is great. The only thing I have found that she doesn't like and won't eat at all are bananas and recently, tomatoes. She also won't drink regular milk yet, so I am trying different ways to get her drinking it so I can wean her from breastfeeding entirely. She still nurses first thing in the morning and before bed at night.

9. Books! She has just started to really love books and flipping pages. She often sits in front of her the bookcase in her room pulling each one off the shelf one by one and turning the pages and pointing to things. I love watching this so much. We read stories before her naps and it's one of my favourite things. I can't wait until both girls will sit and listen to stories with me on the couch.

10. She is still very much by little baby! This year flew by so fast and I didn't have as much time to sit and stare at her all the time.  However, the good thing is that I never really felt guilty about it. I always felt like I had lots of time with her because I was never afraid of her growing up and changing so fast like I was with Nora. I knew that even after she turned one, she would still be my baby and there were always going to be new and exciting stages around every corner.

I also knew she was getting just as much love, if not more than baby Nora did, because she has 3 people around every day to love on her instead of 2! I felt such a strong connection to her from the moment she was born that was so different than it was when I had Nora. I think that I knew so much more about motherhood and the rollercoaster of emotions and overwhelming love and joy that it started earlier than it did when I had Nora. It's hard to put into words what I am trying to say without sounding weird about it. But the love I have for each of my girls is different and special in it's own way, just like they are. It still makes my eyes well with tears when I think about how lucky I am to have two healthy, beautiful and smart little girls.

What a year with my little Juliet! When I hear the nickname "chubbs" I will always be reminded of those sweet michelin arms and thighs that I could never get enough of and that adorable gummy grin smiling at me! Juliet Vera, I can't wait to write this list a year from now and every year after that and put into words forever all the things I love about you! Happy first birthday to our little doll.


Juliet, 6 Months Old

October 04, 2016

Our Juliet Vera, 6 Months Old already! She is the happiest, most content little chubby-pants that there ever was! Seriously, one could not ask for a baby that was easier to be around. Not to say I wouldn't love her just as much if she was a little terror, but it sure has made our transition to 2 kids a breeze.

I won't bore you with all of the details, but instead I have been making a list of things in my head of things that I never want to forget about my little Juliet at this stage. The second time you realize how fast (Hello - 6 months?!!!!!) time really does fly and how easy it is to pass every day without stopping to really look and enjoy these fleeting stages and moments. I try so hard not to compare her with Nora, but I guess it's only natural to do that all the time. Even though, as you know, I kept a diary of almost every moment in Nora's life for the first year, I have STILL forgotten so much, because really, the first year is SO just the beginning and it always makes me so excited to know that I get to experience all the fun I have with Nora all over again with Juliet.

But at 6 Months, here are the things I LOVE about Juliet:

The way she sucks her thumb and uses her other hand to hold her sucking arm to her mouth. After I nurse her in the evenings before bed, she looks up at me and casually slips her thumb into her mouth and then frantically grasps her arm to hold it in place as if it might fall out if she doesn't.

That giant gummy grin that greets me first thing in the morning and after naps and pretty much whenever I look at her!

The arm rolls, oh, the rolls! Girlfriend has some seriously cute chub, rolls for days! We are JUST now getting a glimpse of her neck which has been hiding behind her 7 chins for the last 6 months! Her arm and leg rolls are really going strong though with no signs of slowing down as she is weighing in at a whopping 19lbs 1oz at my latest appointment.

That proud little smile every time she sits up and the hilarious look of fear when she falls backwards accidentally!

The hungry pant she gets going when she knows its time to nurse. She grabs furiously at me and sinks her little fingernails into the back of my neck. When she finally does latch on, she stops for a minute just to look up and me and smile and then dives happily back in.

The way she watches her sister intently all the time. It makes me so excited to see them play and equally as scared and sad to witness the sister squabbles that are about to commence!

When everyone else is quiet (a rare occurrence) within minutes you can bet Juliet will start up with the babbles and when she gets going, it's really something!

The two handed wave she has mastered in the last week when we try and get her to wave hi and bye. I just love seeing the wheels turn on her face and how excited she gets when she realizes that she has done what we want! It's the first time she has really communicated to us that she gets what we are saying!

The way she shovels food into her mouth! So far she only wants to feed herself and doesn't like food on a spoon!

She loves to be outside and is ALWAYS calm when we're on walks or she is being carried around the yard. If she is overtired, I just walk outside with her and she relaxes instantly.

Her newest "funny face" in which she squints her eyes and frowns while sucking on her bottom lip. We kill ourselves laughing when she makes it and she will even do it on command if the mood is right! We have called her the "little old man" since she was a newborn because so often her resting face looked like a wrinkled little old man with dentures (in a good way!)... this funny face just adds to that nickname even more!

She has the most kissable cheeks and laughs EVERY time I tickle her. She also smiles even through tears when I make a kissing sound in the air and even though she is so easygoing, I know she loves having my undivided attention when I get to play with her without Nora around.

The best thing so far about having a second child is that you get how much better and more exciting things get as time goes on. With Nora I was always sad when she turned another month older because I was scared she was going to grow up too fast. I could never picture the next stage or age. But with Juliet, I know how fun it is to watch them learn to walk and talk and play and how many new and exciting things there is to experience and how much better it gets and how your love for them just continues to grow. I also know that the baby stage actually lasts much longer than a year and I have lots of time left with Juliet, the baby.

She is our little pumpkin, chubbs, stinker, monkey, little blue eyes, happy girl, smiley and Juliet Drooliet! I just can't get enough of those big round blue eyes and giant chubby cheeks!

Happy 6 Months to our little doll.


Nora, 3 YEARS OLD!

August 09, 2016

My little Baby Tweedle turned 3 years old on the weekend. I could cry thinking of all the amazing things we have done together over the last three years as well as how many new and exciting adventures we still get to embark on together. She is (one of) the lights of my life and always my little sunshine. I just love her so much, you guys!

Here are 10 awesome things about AGE THREE! (I still can't believe it!)

1. Her growing vocabulary never ceases to amaze me. She comes out with such big words in perfect context all the time, when often she has only heard them once before. She uses words like amazing, terrible, impressed, rather, direction, hilarious, wonderful, promise and awful. I can have real conversations with her all the time and the more she grows up, the more it's like having a best friend around all the time. She even uses similies quite often which is just mind blowing- she said after the towel came out of the dryer "this towel is as warm as a wooly lamb" (!!?!)

2. Her newfound love for board games and puzzles, both favourite pastimes of mine, too! For her birthday, she got several new games and I love that she will sit with me while Juliet naps and play a board game. She is really good at the card game Go Fish, beginning to understand Memory games and is really learning her numbers rolling dice and counting on Snakes and Ladders. Every time I win on a turn she says "good shot!" and if I don't score, she walks around to me and pats me on the back and says "that's ok, mom".

3. Her reading and literacy skills are improving by the minute. She still loves reading books and we take weekly trips to library and bring home a big stack of books each time. We spend a lot of time reading stories together on the couch. It is always my go-to activity when she is tired or cranky. She is getting so good at pointing out letters she knows and already recognizes about a dozen letters.  She even sees letters in abstract objects- She told me that a pretzel makes an 8 or a B and when you bite it off even more, it can be a D.

4. She loves to make crafts which of course, you know, I love too! We do some kind of arts and craft activity every day. Her recent fave is using the glue stick, so I often just cut small shapes out of paper and she will sit and glue them onto a picture for quite a while. She LOVES the show on TV "Mister Maker" where a guy does kids crafts. We get ideas from there and try to recreate them, but really she is happy with her own creations with whatever material I pull out. We made all her own third birthday party decor together which was really fun for me. I cut out cardboard 3's and she painted them and then she painted a big piece of craft paper and after it dried, I cut out a paper bunting banner from it.

5. She makes me laugh so much. She comes out with some hilarious comments on the daily and no matter what is happening, there is always a silver lining and a funny three year old around to put things in perspective. She used the phrase "no worries" with me the other day which made me chuckle and of course, always has funny things to say about Juliet. I tell her I have to drink lots of water to help me make milk for the baby. She chugs water and then says "Mom, I'm trying to get a boob for milk, but I don't have a boob, I only have nipples!"

6. She has such good manners. Yes, one might say it's because Tom and I are just the most polite people ever, but I really think that a lot of it is her personality. I almost never have to remind her to say please and thank you when we are at home, although as with many kids, she gets shy when we're out and about and gets a little stunned in stores, etc. It surprises me every day how often she says Thank you or Thanks, mom. Today I said, would you like to watch a show for a little while and her response was yes, thanks mom. It's just so darn cute.

7. She is still a GREAT eater which makes life so easy. She LOVES fruit and will take it over any treat any day. We go though so many apples every week because we all eat at least one a day. She eats raw veggies, cooked veggies, meat, cheese, you name it.

8. She has started to sort and organize things all the time. This makes me laugh because it is JUST.LIKE.ME. The other night she was stalling before the bath and when I went into her room to see what she was doing, she had every nightie laid out on her floor perfectly and was just looking at them trying to decide which one she was going to wear. I have also walked into to her playing duplo in which she has sorted all the pieces by size or colour all on her own, or lined up every little people guy she has perfectly in a line. It just cracks me up because I have never suggested these activities before.

9. That little brain is constantly firing! We have to be careful what we talk about in front of her now because she remembers such obscure details about things now. She will hold onto a comment we make in passing and keep bringing it up and asking about for days. She is very empathetic and gets sad and cries if she hears about someone getting hurt or mad. She is always thinking about something and will often ask me about a small detail in a book hours after we have read it. She is so good at inferring what is going on in pictures or real life now. Tom and I were commenting on a sign that was newly posted on the lawn of the church next door to our house. She says "I think it might say 'don't drive on that grass'"- totally makes sense- they have just planted grass over there. We were reading once of her favourite Mother Goose books and she studies every picture in great detail and at Rockabye Baby she says "The mice are putting pillows under the baby in the tree because the wind is going to blow and the baby will fall down, so the mice are helping." She says to me "Mom, dogs can't talk." and I said, "No, not in real life" and she answers "no, only in pretend life, right mom?" I think she is just the smartest little three year old around.

10. Even though she is growing up, she is still my baby. I still sing her lullabies and tickle her and pick her up and cuddle her and carry her out of the tub all wrapped up cozy in a towel. I still kiss her cheeks a million times a day and squeeze her and hold her in my lap and don't let her go. It's easy now that Juliet is around to try and make Nora do so many more big kid things, and so she should as she isn't really a baby anymore. But she will always be my baby, my sweet little Nora June. I will never think of her as anything but my beautiful little baby girl.


Our Pet, Juliet- 7 Weeks Old

May 20, 2016

I am so much happier than I was when I wrote last! Things are getting easier and easier each day that goes by and last week, a switch seemed to have flipped on Nora and she is back to being much happier and flexible again. She still has her moments, like any 2.5 year old, but she is mostly back to her old self. It could also be that I am learning better strategies to deal with her. It's all about constant forethought on my part- what can I get her busy with before a feeding? When was the last time she had a snack? How can I spin things to make them her idea/more fun for her? How can I constantly keep her involved with what I am doing with Juliet? It can be exhausting on my part, but the end result is less tantrums and whining and more enjoyment for all of us.

Juliet is the sweetest little thing in the whole world! I find that I am more in love with every day. I remember the same thing with Nora, the first few weeks you're kind of in shock as to what has just happened to your life and super worried about whether the baby is OK, etc. and as you get the hang of things, you just start connecting with that baby more and more. She is such an easy baby, I hardly even want to say it out loud. She really NEVER cries, other than the odd little squawk if she is hungry or has to wait for me to pick her up. She is so content all the time and the gummy grins are ridiculous now! I rush over to her crib in the mornings or after naps and can't wait to look over the edge and see that little face smiling back at me.

I remember really trying to force a routine with Nora at this age and it just didn't work. This time, I am far more laid back and if we are home, she naps in her crib, but if we have things to do, she naps in the stroller or car seat. I can't make things hard on Nora and make her stay cooped up at home all day just because Juliet needs a nap, especially when she will sleep anywhere at this point. I do make sure she takes at least one nap a day at home so she gets used to napping in her crib. I put her down awake for naps and sometimes she cries a bit, sometimes a lot and sometimes not at all. When she does cry, I go in every 5 mins or so and settle her down, say "time to sleep, time for a nap" and then leave again until she falls asleep. So far it is working quite well. She is also going to bed between 7-7:30 already which is amazing. I love having my evenings back! She wakes up once a night, anywhere between 2-5 for a feed and then sleeps until about 8:00 every morning. One thing that really helps is understanding that her "wake time" is about an hour, so no matter where we are, I make sure to lull her sleep after an hour of being awake so she doesn't get overtired.

We got out the play mat for Juliet this week and she loves to lay under there and kick while Nora surrounds her (buries her!) with toys and stuffies. It is seriously cute and so fun to watch her look around and play.

As Nora gets closer to three than two, I can really see her play changing. Just in the last few weeks, she will finally make up her own games and set up elaborate story lines and imaginative scenes with her little people and teddies. She is really into the show Paw Patrol and she often plays that she is rescuing people or "ready to roll!" She also likes Curious George and replays the predicaments George gets himself into. Her vocabulary expands by the minute which never ceases to amaze me. She uses the words "rather" and "awful" and "amazing" and "impressed" and uses such descriptive language with justifications, comparing and contrasting things, connecting books to her life, always commenting on things she sees and later describing them in great detail. We walked past our friend Holly's house the other day and she says, "there's Holly's, mom, and she doesn't have the sign in her window anymore!" Never once had I remembered commenting or pointing out that sign to her, she noticed all on her own. It's such a joy to see her so enamoured and in awe of her surroundings all the time.

I feel like I am finally falling into a groove of being back at home with these two littles again and so thankful that I get to be with them all the time.


I'm alive! Barely...

May 05, 2016

Sorry to leave you all hanging, but I think insta-blogging (updates via instagram) is going to be my new reality for a few more months. I vastly underestimated the amount of "free time" I would have with two kids, especially now that Nora is no longer napping, EVER.

Our little doll, Juliet Vera Niddrie arrived on March 29th at 7:44pm. The labour was faster than Nora's birth, but not any less painful, challenging, mind-blowing or overwhelming! I was induced that morning as my water broke two days prior and I still hadn't gone into labour. It took a while for things to get going, but when they did, they went fast and furious! So fast that I didn't have time for the coveted epidural which I was begging for! However, I conquered another labour and delivery and all is well with Nora's baby sister, Juliet.

The transition to having two kids has been tough on us all. I forgot how sore and hormonal I was going to be during those first few weeks. I have said to several people- if women truly remembered the agony of labour, the first week anxiety, the postpartum healing and the postpartum hormonal crying phase, I think the human race would have ended by now! It sucks! Yet somehow, we look back on those first few weeks with wonder and amazement and nothing but joy over that little sleepy little newborn snoozing away on Daddy's chest and decide it's a good idea to do it all over again! I'm not saying it was a mistake, but if there is a next time for us, I hope to be more mentally prepared for it!

Thankfully I am through the hardest part and Juliet is already "sleeping through the night", which at this age is 7-8 hours at a time. She went through a few weeks of being up for hours in the night, when I was convinced that both my children were slowly trying to kill me, as Nora was also waking up in the night and/or getting up at an ungodly hour when I had just been awake for 3 hours bouncing and feeding a fussy baby. However, we are entering into some kind of normalcy now, with more sleep and baby smiles!

Nora has had a really hard time with the new baby as well, which breaks my heart. She has been waking several times in the night screaming for me, which I know is some sort of subconscious insecurity about Juliet, as annoying as it is for me. She will have nothing to do with Tom and only wants me to come and tuck her in again, hug her and sing her a song and she goes back to sleep. One night this week, this happened 4-5 times in the night! She used to be so easy to parent, hardly ever acting up, and in the last month I have raised my voice with her many times which brought tears to my eyes, because I couldn't believe I was speaking to my perfect little baby like that. But she has to learn boundaries when it comes to my attention and Juliet's needs as hard as it is for all of us. She does silly things like throw food on the floor or spit milk out of her mouth, or rub her dirty feet in my face while I'm nursing or insist I carry her from one room to another and if I don't, throws herself on the floor screaming and kicking. It has been so challenging and I'm really struggling about how to deal with her. I give time outs, but I also give her more than enough hugs, kisses and reassurance that I'm not going anywhere and I still love her more than anything.

But, enough with the doom and gloom and complaining! I am so excited to have two adorable, beautiful, healthy baby girls! Juliet has been a much easier and less demanding newborn than Nora was. Tending to her needs have been so smooth. From the beginning she has been feeding really well and gaining weight just as she should be. She is growing like a weed and her big, dark blue eyes have started to dart around the room and focus on things now which is so exciting to watch. She is 5 weeks old and smiling at us, mostly first thing in the morning. When she is awake, she happily sits in her little bouncy chair in our kitchen and watch what's going on. She has finally started to going to bed a little earlier, so Tom and I have our evenings back and can have some kind of a conversation again, or in my case, I can stare blankly at the TV and NOT TALK for an hour before passing out with exhaustion! One thing has been different is the amount of gas and spit up this baby has! It has improved slightly, but at least once a day, I get covered in giant spit ups! We can recognize the look on her face when a big one is coming, and if I don't have a burp cloth or a towel nearby, it's new outfits for everyone. It's uncharted territory for us, because Nora hardly every spit up. I know it's normal, but I did begin to wonder at first, because the amount seemed so great.

We can't decide who Juliet looks like! She is not a ringer for her sister, or either of us. But we thought that about Nora at first too. When Juliet was first born, her nose and cheeks were so swollen that we all thought she would have this GIANT squishy nose! Within a week or so, it had turned into a cute little button nose, but still a very different shape than Nora's. Her hair is much lighter than Nora's was and her eyes quite a bit darker, although still blue like the rest of us. I think she looks like Tom when I see his newborn pics, but we will see! When I look back at Nora's photos from the first 3 months, I can't even tell that it's her comparing her to now. She turned out looking so different as the months went on. We will see what happens with Juliet.

I know each stage goes by so fast and Nora will adjust eventually. She won't even remember life without Juliet and seeing other siblings together, lifelong playmates, makes me realize it is a good decision to bless your children with siblings. I can't wait until Juliet can interact with Nora a bit more as I think that will make it easier for Nora to form a relationship with her. Until then, we forge ahead in the parenting trenches! Thank you for all your support and well wishes!

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