The Oscars- are you sick of hearing about it yet?

February 28, 2012

I always love the Oscars. There is something about the red carpet that really gets me excited. In university my roommates and I had an Oscar party in which we bought red fabric and created our very own red carpet in the living room. Everyone attending had to wear one oscar-worthy piece and walk the red carpet.

On Sunday I watched, sans oscar-worthy attire. I watched with my mother in law and also texted with my mom and auntie for the entirety of the show. Which brings me to my favourite part: The critique. Although I did not see a single one of the nominated films this year, except Bridesmaids, I was still able to watch and create a running commentary of everything that happened throughout the show. A guilty pleasure of mine would have to be making fun of, judging and talking about celebrities!

Here are the highlights for me:

1. Dresses: My 2 faves were on Octavia Spencer (winner for best supporting actress in The Help) and Penelope Cruz (a presenter).

2. Meryl Streep, who I love, finally won Best Actress. She has been nominated 17 times- the most in history- and has only ever won once before this year. Her speech was so down-to-earth. Loved it, love her.

3. Christopher Plummer winning Best Supporting Actor at age 82- the oldest oscar winner in history. Captain Von Trapp still has it!

5. Angelina Jolie's Leg Stance- She is so weird. I am so Team Jenn. When she came on to present an award, she stood in a way that was meant (I think) to show off the slit in her dress, but it was so awkward and forced that she could hardly concentrate on what she was supposed to be doing. She was too busy extending her leg out of her dress!

Anyway, the funny part was when the winner of the award she was presenting, Jim Rash, Descendants writer, came on stage to get his award, he stood just like she did, sparking a few chuckles from the crowd and a full on belly-laugh from me!

I also just found out that Angelina's Leg now has her own Twitter page in which people are Tweeting things like "Hey look at me! I'm a leg!" HA!

6. Emma Stone and Ben Affleck- They presented an award together and Emma stole the show from Ben. She was great, very cute, charming, funny and seemed so comfortable on stage. Look out Angelina!

7. Last but not least, Billy Crystal. I was so glad he was back. Anne Hathaway and James Franco so didn't do it for me.

Any thoughts on the Oscars?


  1. Have you seen the funny double legged Angelina photoshopped pic on pinterest? It's hilarious!

  2. I did see it!!! HA HA HA! I laughed so hard!


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