Super Bowl Sunday!

February 05, 2012

Go Giants?

This is what I was doing during the Super Bowl: eating, talking, paying attention to the halftime show (what was with Madonna's mediocre dance moves??!) and watching the commercials. I liked the VW dog trying to lose weight the best! 

I spent most of the day prepping for the appie feast I made for the big game. We had a few friends over to enjoy it, and enjoy it, we did. 

Check out the Super Bowl spread: 

First we had veggies and dip with my Auntie Wendy's Famous Veggie Dip.

Then we broke out the Cheesy Pretzel Dip (my fave!)

 We also had Sundried Tomato Dip and Crackers (YUMMMM!)

Szechuan Chicken Wings which packed a punch! (This picture makes them look a little unappetizing, but they were delish).

Pioneer Woman's Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders. Enough said. You can find the recipe here. 

AND potato skins (thrice baked for extra crispyness)

Last but not least (dessert is never least in my house...) we had nanaimo bars and creamsicle fudge. I made the fudge but bought the nanaimo bars. Both were the perfect sweet treat. 

Happy drooling! :)

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