Wedding Wednesday- The bridal accessories: Hair combs, Earrings and Fur, oh my!

February 22, 2012

I didn't go over board with my accessories as I was going for a clean, elegant look and I wanted my dress to be the focal point. However, I did look at hundreds of pictures of earrings, jewellery, hair combs, veils and fur stoles before making my decision.

The Hair Comb
I knew I was going to have my hair up and originally thought I would like a veil that somehow clipped onto the back of my updo. After trying on a couple of veils with my dress, it just didn't look right to have two different kinds of lace on my back. I decided to wear just a hair comb instead. I LOOKED and looked and looked and looked and googled and googled and googled some more and read wedding blogs and read the discussion boards on Wedding Bee (another post on that coming later!) and then when I was tired of looking at hair combs, I looked at MORE hair combs. I think I looked at EVERY. SINGLE. hair comb there is ON. THE. WEB.

Looking in stores, I found the hair combs to be very expensive- like $300+ expensive. My budget for all my accessories and jewellery was about $200. On most of the wedding websites I found, the hair combs were too cheap looking, so THANK GOD for Etsy. If you have not been on this site, cancel all your plans for tonight, you now have a date with Etsy. It is the BEST place on the web to fuel your creative energy. Anyway, I found my hair comb on Etsy from a shop called Luxe Deluxe for $75. You can find it here.

When I ordered it, I still wasn't convinced that it was the right one as I didn't know if I liked the large jewel amongst the smaller ones. I also wasn't sure about the size of it as I had nothing similar to compare it to. I wanted something quite big, that people would notice and the main reason why I decided on this one was that it was over 3 inches long and most of the other ones were only about 2 inches. Anyway, when it arrived I ripped the package open and hastily shoved it into my messy bun to try and envision what it would look like and I was quite pleased with my choice!

The Earrings
I also looked all over the web and in many stores for my earrings. My mom and I took a trip to San Francisco during the wedding planning and I thought for sure I would be able to find earrings there. We looked at every pair in Bloomingdales, Macys, and Nordstrom and here are some that were the runners up:

But in the end, I had to resort to Etsy again. The chandelier earrings just weren't doing it for me! I ended up ordering simple tear drop crystal earrings from an Etsy shop called Earrings Nation for $30. You can find it here.

When they came in the mail, I ripped into the package and tried them on and I really felt bridal! They were perfect. Here is a shot from the day where you can see both the hair comb and earrings sparkling in their full glory!

The Fur
Because I was having a winter wedding, I knew I needed some kind of wrap or cover-up to keep me a little bit warm and I decided almost right away on a fur stole. I looked at many fur stoles on ebay including both real and fake fur ones. Of all the advice I got from family, the consensus was that I should have real fur, but it wasn't as easy as we thought. My aunt spent some time scouring thrift stores but didn't find anything suitable. In exasperation one day she said: "Can't Tom just go out and skin you a few ermines??!" HA! We all had a good laugh about that.

We decided that we would have to sew a fur stole and the next predicament was finding faux fur that was nice enough. Any of the fur we saw at Fabricland was very short and not very soft. It was pretty tacky looking. We ended up finding some at a specialty fabric store in Vancouver.

I searched the web (AGAIN!) and found directions for sewing your own fur stole here. It was fairly easy, although I shouldn't be the one to talk, as my mom did it all for me. When she opened the bag that was keeping the fur, a cloud of faux fur exploded into her living room and the fur continued to shed profusely throughout the fur-sewing process. It was so bad that my stepdad yelled "get that piece of s--t out of here!!"

She finally researched "working with faux fur" on the web and found out that you should put it through the dryer as many times as it takes for it to stop shedding. She had to clean her lint dispenser about 6 times, but in the end it was a lot better to work with. She cut it and then hand sewed the lining in (a piece of my wedding dress fabric). We pinned it with a vintage brooch from her jewellery collection which had belonged to my great grandmother. It ended up being a gorgeous addition to my wedding day ensemble and really kept me warm too!

All accessories were done on the cheap! With a little research and time, you can find anything on the web! Happy accessory hunting! Remember, Etsy is your best friend!


  1. Good advice on the earrings! I'm finding so much stuff on Etsy!

  2. Thank you so much for purchasing my earrings for your wedding and you look stunning... :)


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