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March 26, 2012

Mama Tweedle here again!

Like many people, I love to collect things but I hate to dust them.
I have collected many small items over the years relating to my career in journalism. These were sitting in shoeboxes or filing cabinets. I wanted to display them, without having to dust them, so I started to search for a glass-topped table. It wasn't easy. The only ones I found online were very expensive, well over $1000 not including the cost of shipping.

But finally I located this coffee table at Ikea. It has a large drawer that pulls out from either side, allowing you easy access to arrange your things.

The problem was that it only comes in white. I wasn't sure how the Ikea finish would handle repainting, but I bought the table anyway for less than $200 and painted it with black laquer so it would match the rest of my family room.

I had a great time lining the drawer with sheets of scrapbooking paper and arranging my memorabilia.

And best of all, my special things never need dusting!

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