Wedding Wednesday- Bridal Makeup

March 14, 2012

I live in a town with no makeup artists, so I was forced to be left with my own devices when it came to my wedding makeup. I didn't want to look too done up, but I also wanted to look different from my everyday routine so I had to figure something out! I am not a very fussy makeup person and had never worn foundation before, or primer or anything too fancy! So I had my work cut out for me in order to learn about what was most important to buy and how to apply it.

I spent a good few weeks watching makeup videos on YouTube and by far my favourite makeup blogger that I came across was Makeup by TiffanyD. She seems to know what she is doing and had great tutorials on her blog. This is the one I modelled my wedding makeup after:

I watched this video dozens of times and bought the makeup that was similar to what she had. I couldn't get the exact eyeshadow palette as they no longer sell that brand in Canada- at least that is what I was told at Sephora. 

Speaking of Sephora, I also went there with a picture (see above) and had them show me what kinds of things I needed to buy. They applied everything for me at the store for no cost and showed me how to do it all. They were really helpful! In the end, I really saw the importance of foundation and powder and all that stuff I wouldn't normally buy or wear on a regular basis. It made a world of difference when applied properly. 

On the day of the wedding, I had to be pampered, so my friend and bridesmaid Lisa did the makeup for me, but if I had to, I could have done it myself after all my research and practice! 

Here is what I ended up using: 

1. First I applied this foundation evenly all over the face. And... didn't know this before- you apply it with a brush! Just a regular old powder brush. 

2. Then you have to "set" the foundation with a light powder. It really made a difference. 

3. Then we did eyes. I didn't end up using any eyeliner. We just used a thin brush to apply the darkest eyeshadow just like eyeliner right along the lash-line. I found that it wasn't so harsh that way. And that's what Tiffany did :)

4. We used this eyeshadow as a highlight for the previous palette. 

5. This is my favourite everyday bronzer that I use all the time. We applied a little bit to the top of the cheekbone. But I didn't want to risk looking too orangey in pictures, so I hardly put any bronzer on. 

6. This is what we used for highlights on the face. We applied it just below the eyebrows on the brow bone, high on the cheekbones, a little bit on the center of the nose- down the middle right between the eyes and a little bit just above the lips and under the nostrils. (That is supposed to make your lips look fuller!)

7. Becuase I didn't go heavy on the bronzer, I went heavy on the blush. I was a blushing bride, after all! I also wan't to create the glowing look and the blush helped. 

8. Lastly, 3 layers of mascara and this stuff is magic! It makes those babies LONGGGGGG! 

Have fun makeup-ing. Careful, makeup buying and watching and trying gets addictive!

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