Wedding Wednesday- the mother of the bride

March 21, 2012

Hello again from Mama Tweedle.

Anyone over fifty knows how difficult it is to find a flattering dress for a special occasion. I was determined to look my best at Miss Tweedle's wedding, and the search took me through many department stores and several websites - Nordstrom, Talbot's and The Bay.
And I did not want black.
I was on a trip to Europe when I found the perfect dress at a Berlin department store called Karstadt. Very suitable for a 60-year-old pear-shaped body, it had elbow-length sleeves and a full skirt with a crinoline, and it was made from a synthetic material that doesn't wrinkle. I agonized about the colour before I broke down and bought it for 119 Euros, or about $150 Canadian.
Wouldn't you know it? When I got back to Canada, I found the same dress in Laura in Calgary for $149.
I wanted to break up the monotonous black with pearls. As my niece Tricia says: "We're pearl girls in our family." I found a lovely chunky pearl bracelet and necklace, and a jewellery designer named Leslie Israelson here in Invermere made me dangling earrings to match the necklace. Thank you, Leslie!
Because the wedding took place on New Year's Eve, almost every woman there was wearing black including both my mother and my sister. My cousin Marilyn wondered if we would look like a gang of Italian grandmothers, but everyone looked just lovely.
My sister Mary found my mother's black lace skirt in Vancouver, and I helped her choose the jacket with the ruffled neckline at a local shop.
At eighty-seven years old, she was the most beautiful woman there, second only to the bride!

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