Wedding Wednesday- Some inspiration

March 07, 2012

I found great pleasure in spending hours and hours of my time while planning looking at wedding blogs and websites.

Here are my faves:

1. The Knot: There are HUNDREDS of pictures on there!!! I found lots of hairstyle inspiration there, as well as bridesmaid dress ideas and centerpiece ideas. You can click through dozens of pages of photos in every wedding category you can think of. You can also choose and click through other weddings with the same colour scheme as you.

We also used The Knot to create our wedding website. It was free and it turned out quite well. You can see it here. It was easy to set up and edit and guests were also able to RSVP to the wedding through the website. It compiled a list of all the RSVPs and their email addresses. Handy stuff!

2. Style Me Pretty: I have been following this blog for about 2 years now- since long before I was even engaged! Every day they post a featured wedding with lots of pictures and descriptions. Their taste is very elegant and there are lots of DIY and vintage things featured. Pretty, pretty, pretty! AND- they now have a Style Me Pretty Canada site! I keep thinking I'm going to see someone I know on there...

3. Of course... Martha Stewart Weddings! Like The Knot, you can search through hundreds of pictures of details and decor ideas. There are some GREAT ideas for reception decor and she also posts step-by-step how-tos for a lot of projects that are featured in pictures.

4. Wedding photographer blogs. I followed and STILL follow a few local wedding photographer blogs, including the photographer we used. I admire their work and think they do a great job of capturing the day of all days for their couples.

Alan Maudie

Banff Wedding Photographers

Nathan Elson

Claire Dibble (Our photographer!)

Tracy Connery

Kyla Brown

5. We Met in a Bar Heather Harney is a woman who lives in California and planned her own wedding and profiled all the planning on her blog. She now has a little boy and runs her blog as more of a mommy blog. But her wedding stuff is worth looking at. You can browse through all her categories on the right-hand sidebar of the site.

Have fun drooling over all the pretty pictures!

If you have any favourites, leave them for me to check out :)

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