Wedding Wednesday- A Wedding Photo Display

March 28, 2012

One of the first ideas I had for my wedding reception decor was that I knew I would like to have a lot of photographs as a way to tie the guests to the event and have them be included in the event too. I decided early on that I would collect the wedding photos of all the married guests and create a timeline beginning from our grandparents and ending with the latest of our friends or relatives to have been married.

In about April I started collecting wedding photos. Guests would either scan and email me their photo or they would mail me a hard copy and I would have to scan it myself. The whole process turned out to be quite a project! After the photos were printed, I had to figure out a way to display them and ended up using 2 large pieces of foam board taped together and wrapped in silver wrapping paper with lighter silvery coloured snowflakes all over it. (I got the paper at Costco in October, thinking- "that might get used for the wedding" and it ended up being used for SO MANY things. I'll post about "that paper" another time).  

I wanted to make sure I included who the guests in the photos were and when their wedding was. I hand wrote a little tag to go with each photo and carefully arranged them on the board. 

In the end, it was beautiful and a real conversation piece at the wedding. We put it in the entrance to the reception and many guests were seen throughout the evening examining every hairstyle and wedding dress through the ages!

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