All things Eastery

April 09, 2012

We had an Easter weekend full of food, family and spending some time outdoors. Tom's mom made hot cross buns for easter and dropped them off.

Me: What are hot cross buns, anyway?

Tom: I don't know, I think they are one of those things like Christmas pudding that you think is going to be really good but actually tastes like shit.

Me: Bahahahahahaha, hahahahhahaha, hahahahhaha

Ten minutes later.....

Me: Bahahahaha, hahahahaha, hahahahhahaa

For the record, hot cross buns don't taste like shit. They're good. Especially when they are fresh and made by your mother-in-law :)

I made these cute little nests for my class on Thursday. 

They were gone before I could take many pics! The kids all walked out the door with chocolate on their faces. Hopefully I don't have any angry parents calling me this week.

The Easter Bunny brought us these rakes for Easter. We spent Sunday afternoon raking our lawn....

I made these for Easter dinner dessert. They were a HIT! 
One of the best things about the weekend- I watched one of my all time favourite movies: Easter Parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. LOVE old musicals. I'm still working on convincing Tom they are good. 

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