April 23, 2012

As a wedding gift from someone very special we were given a whole set of china of our choice. I knew immediately that I wanted Fiestaware. I have drooled over this stuff for a long time, imagining that I had it in my own kitchen. Good ol' Macy's was having one heck of a sale on Fiestaware this weekend, so Tom and I headed south to pick it out this weekend. 

Here's a sneak peek! (I can't bear to post more pictures than this as the lighting in my kitchen was so bad that it didn't do it any justice in a photo.... more to come!)

A funny tidbit from our shopping marathon:

Our last stop before arriving home was for groceries and I asked Tom in the store, "what are we going to eat this week so we can get the ingredients we need??"

His reply: "I don't know! Let's just grab some shit and get outta here!"


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