Wedding Wednesday- the favours

April 11, 2012

It didn't take us too long to decide that we were going to give out some kind of christmas tree ornament as our wedding favour. I knew I would make them myself with the help of some wedding elves, so I needed to think of something that wasn't going to be too time consuming, but something that you would want to hang on your tree. Originally I was thinking about some kind of felt ornament with our names embroidered on it. However, good old Martha Stewart came to the rescue when I saw this picture in the December issue of her magazine just a month into my planning.

The next question was where on earth I would get enough buttons for this "little" favour project of mine. I ended up finding them on, you guessed it: ETSY! Julie from this Etsy shop came to the rescue and created a custom order of 6000 blue buttons for me! I figured out that each wreath would need about 60-70 buttons and we would need about 80-90 wreaths in total- one for each family or couple coming to the wedding. And can you believe that Julie dyed, packaged and sent all those buttons for me for just $120??? Etsy. It's the best!

Once I had the buttons, I collected the other materials we needed: craft wire and ribbon, and we were ready to assemble them. I wanted a way to attach our names to the wreaths too, though, so I ordered a custom rubber stamp (from this Etsy shop) and stamped it onto navy cardstock with silver ink to attach to the wreaths. I figured that people could either leave the tag on or take it off depending on what they wanted it to look like on their tree.

It took 5 of us about 3 hours to make 100 wreaths. We had quite the assembly line going!

At the reception, we scattered the favours on the tables and they ended up dressing the tables up a little too. We had our MC tell the guests to take them home when they left! It will be nice to see them on the tress of friends and relatives next christmas!

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