A great find

May 08, 2012

When I saw these board books, I just had to buy them. Pride and Prejudice in baby board book form- why didn't I think of it myself??

These are brillant. They combine my love for the great literature classics and children's books. I adore everything about them. 


SIGHHHHHH- Mr. Darcy!!! Every girl needs to know about Mr. Darcy!

Click HERE to visit the author's website. And click HERE to buy your own copy!


  1. I just finished reading Death Comes to Pemberley, by P. D. James. It 's a murder mystery that takes place six years after D'Arcy and Elizabeth are married. I just can't get enough of Jane Austen! I'm sure I would have loved these board books as a child. Hopefully it will make them want to read the real thing when they get older. Great find, Miss Tweedle!


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