May 25, 2012

It's one of those words that I never quite got. I remember when I first heard the word, I was on holiday with a friend and her parents and her mom kept referring to everything we saw as "kitschy". Finally, and thankfully, my friend said "what is kitschy, anyway MOM?!?!"

She explained it as tacky. 

So all these years I have thought that is what the word meant until recently when I have heard my own mother using this word to describe all these great garage sale and thrift store finds as kitsch. I kept thinking to myself, "why does she want to buy something if she thinks it is tacky?"

This weekend when I was in Qualicum at my parents house (which my mom has furnished entirely from thrift stores and garage sales), I heard my aunt exclaim- "that's so kitsch!" while looking at this lamp in the 70s inspired family room. (Yes, there is a 70's room, and no, it doesn't have orange shag carpet). 

It all came together. 

Kitsch is not a bad thing! It means something that is so bad that it is good. Or something that is so old that it is new again.... or like the infamous kitschy lamp....

I think I like this whole kitsch thing. Don't be surprised if I say it all the time now. 

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  1. Kitsch is a German word, and the meaning is the same. Another great German word is "krims-krams," which means knick-knacks!


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