A lemony mother's day

May 14, 2012

I did 2 lemon projects for mother's day.

Take a look!

1. Lemon Hand Scrub

The mother's day project I did with my students was a hit! We made Lemon Hand Scrub for our moms. I was trying to think of what to do for mother's day and wondered what kind of thing I would really like to have and looked down at my hands and feet which were both in desperate need of pampering and the idea popped into my head. I would teach the kids how to give their mothers a mini pedi or mani!

Now, this was quite the task as many of them didn't have a clue what those things were and were also quite sure their mother's didn't know either. I assured them that this would be the best mother's day gift EVER. And they believed me. (They always do).

I brought in the ingredients to make hand exfoliator scrub (super easy!) and we had a grand time on Friday scrubbing hands and mixing up a lemony concoction. The recipe I perfected ended up being 2 1/2 cups of sugar, 1 cup olive oil and the juice from half a lemon. Each one of my table groups made a batch and filled little mason jars with it. They labelled the tops, tied them with a bow and voila! A pedi or a mani in a jar, easily administered with some basic training by an eight year old!

The kids LOVED it. Of course, they had to try it out themselves as well and couldn't get over how SMOOTH and SILKY their hands were. A jar of hand scrub now sits by my classroom sink and I don't think I will be able to get away with not refilling it daily from now on :)

2. Mother's Day Cake

I had saved this recipe for Lemon Cake a while ago and planned to make it on mother's day as I thought it would a refreshing, springy cake for the occasion. It turned out so well, looked beautiful and we all loved the taste too!

I used this recipe which was adapted from one of my true loves Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa). You can never go wrong with one of Ina's recipes. I'm sure she made this for Jeffery and Jeffery would have just loved it!

Do you have any great, fool-proof mother's day projects to share?


  1. John and I were lucky enough to be treated to a truly wonderful Mother's Day turkey dinner (the turkey was sooo good) and this cake for dessert.
    I can honestly say it's the very best lemon cake I have ever ever had! And definately the most beautiful..

  2. it's when i see these kinds of pictures that i wishwishwish i could bake. gah! looks amazing!

    found the route

    1. You can do it Kim! I follow recipes and look at lots of cake pics :))) However, if you can't bake, at least you can dress! I checked out you blog and you're very fashionable! Thanks for commenting!


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