My first thrifting post!

May 22, 2012

I am so excited to have been in second hand heaven this weekend. When I talk to her on the phone, my mom won't stop bragging about all the good finds she gets while out in Qualicum Beach and this weekend I finally got to see it all for myself. Among the family visits and beach walks, we went to some garage sales (22!), thrift stores and antique stores. I came home with two thrifty treasures.

A Charles and Diana tin! How could I resist? This is the picture from their engagement. I must say, old Charles looks rather dashing in his prime, doesn't he?

and... A Vintage Cocktail Shaker! For some reason this spoke to me. I loved the little pictures on the glass as well as the recipes. Tom has been into making summer cocktails lately, so maybe it will get a little use. If not, it will look good sitting in my kitchen.

I have my eye out for some more garage sale treasures, so stay tuned for more goodies in the coming weeks... as long as I can find them! :)


  1. Looks like your first venture was most successful!

  2. It was great fun thrifting with you this weekend. Thanks for being a great navigator! I like the way your eye goes to different things than mine... It gives me a new perspective!

  3. gorgeous photo of diana! love your finds!!


  4. Love your site...thank the crafts and recipe ideas!!! Grandchildren enjoyed making the owls...


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