Play, cook, craft, teach, but above all, LOVE. Happy Mother's Day.

May 13, 2012

When you're a teacher, you are exposed to the inner workings of many types of families and it makes you think a lot about your own childhood. I am so lucky that I had a mother who I knew loved me. She told me all the time. She also played with me, taught me things, took me places and gave me hugs and kisses. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Sounds like parenting 101, right?


It is scary how many kids there are out there who feel unloved. They grow up desperate for attention and approval from others. They act out and do strange things. They don't know how to form a bond or make a friend because their mother's never taught them. For me, teaching a child how to love seems like it would be the easiest part of parenting there is: Love them first. Hug them. Kiss them. Tell them "I love you". Read to them. Cuddle them. Take them to parks. Talk to them. Answer their questions. Let them make mistakes and when they do, show them how to make it right again.

It saddens me deeply to think about the children who don't have adults in their lives that know how to show their love. So, thank you to all the mothers who do things to show their children you love them. By doing this, you are doing everything right. You are showing your child how to love.

And doesn't love make the world go 'round?

It does in my world.

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