Wedding Wednesday- The rings

May 23, 2012

I have heard many brides complain about the pain of finding the right wedding ring that goes with their engagement ring as well as a band that their hubby-to-be would like to actually wear. For many guys, the thought of having to wear jewelry is a little out of their comfort zone!

The rings were one of those things that we put on the back burner, but that I knew, through the planning that we would have to get to eventually. One unassuming day, we wandered into a jewelry store to browse and ended up walking out with my wedding band. I LOVE my band and the way it looks with and without my engagement ring. I think this may have been the one thing Tom didn't question the price of too, as he understood that I had to like it if I was going to wear it forever. However, we got what we thought was a good deal, considering the fact that I wanted it to be a little blingy!

Tom's band caused us a little more stress. He wanted something different and he didn't fancy anything in the jewelry stores we had looked. I started looking on my favourite site- ETSY :) and came across this shop, Minter and Richter Designs, a place that made custom wedding bands out of buffalo horn and titanium. Being a rugged outdoorsman, I had Tom at buffalo horn. However, we were both nervous to order something as significant as Tom's wedding ring without seeing it in person or having him try it on.

As per some friends that had gotten married the year before us, we ordered him a "fake" band for $6 on ebay which was the same width and size as the real one we were thinking of ordering. (It also had fake diamonds and gothic crosses cut out of it!) When it came, I even drew a fake buffalo horn stripe around it with sharpie so we could see what the black would look like on Tom's hand. We both liked the way it looked and it fit, so we took the plunge and ordered the one from ETSY. It worked out perfectly!

Bt seriously... going to a jewelry store and buying a normal band was just too easy wasn't it?! We still laugh when we find the "fake" ring floating around the house. It's hideous!!!

Here's the "fake" ring- isn't it ugly??!?

Here are the real ones on the wedding day!
Our photographer Claire Dibble did a beautiful job photographing them in the snow. 

And lastly, here they are in the sand on our honeymoon. 


  1. I had never worn any kind of jewelry before Rach and I got married. Now, on the rare occasion when I take my ring off to do housework or whatever, I can actually feel that the ring isn't on my finger.

  2. THAT is a very cool man's wedding ring. I'm also kinda crazy about your band too. I don't love my wedding band, so we have plans to change it out eventually - hopefully to something that looks a lot like yours! Love that bling!


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