Wedding Wednesday- Save the Date cards and Invitations

May 30, 2012

There are SO MANY cute ideas for save the date cards that it was hard to decide on what to do. I fell in love with an idea that told the couple's love story with cute fonts and hand drawn clip art and decided I could recreate it somehow.
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Tom and I typed up the story together and searched for appropriate pictures to go with each thing, but nothing had the look I was going for. We went to the local print shop and asked them what they could do for us and again, they didn't have the "vision" that I had for it all, so I decided to draw my own images for the cards. I sketched a bunch of little pictures and the print shop ended up scanning them and resizing them for us. Originally, I wanted the cards to be smaller (they were 6 x 10 inches), but in order to use my diagrams, they had to be a little bigger. I also wanted them to be printed in colour, but we wanted to save most of our stationary budget for the actual invites, so we went with black and white.

Overall I was happy with how they turned out, but I would have liked them to look a little more polished and professional.

The invitations gave me a bit of a headache as well as I wanted something elegant and traditional, but that included our wedding colours- blue and silver. Because our local print shop is a smaller place and does mostly printing for businesses and advertising versus elegant soirees, they just didn't have the paper selection or creative eye I was looking for. The original proof I was given from them wasn't up to my creative standards, so I decided to look elsewhere. Of course, I turned to etsy, where else? And I found these invitations  from a shop called Everlasting Invites which I ordered on the spot. They were PERFECT. Blue and silvery, snowflakes, elegant, wintery... I checked off every detail on my list. I had the shop change the colour of the blue snowflakes to a darker colour and change the paper to something more silver than white. They were very flexible and willing to help me create the invitation I really wanted. The price was right too! They were only $1.75 each, including envelopes. It really didn't get much better than this.

They turned out beautifully. I still LOVE them.

Tweedle Tip, Wedding Edition- Don't settle for anything less that what you are completely happy with. 

There is nothing more annoying than looking back and wishing you would have done it differently, or looked elsewhere before making a decision. I could have easily chosen the least favourable invitation because it was easy and accessible, but I would have been mad at myself had I seen something better for less later. I was sure that stationary would cost me a ton after browsing wedding magazines with expensive and elaborate ads and prices. However, I put the time in and found something beautiful that was within my budget.

Always shop around, do some research and don't stop until you find perfection!

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  1. aw, i love these invitations and announcements. especially when it talks about the little highlights of each moment ;)
    xo TJ


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