A world of difference

May 03, 2012

What was supposed to be a "weekend project" turned into one that left us without light for 4 days in our bathroom. When there is no window and you get up at 6 am when it's practically STILL DARK, that is a bit of a problem. I apologize (after the fact) for my smudged mascara, unnoticed "blemishes" and seriously overgrown eyebrows. I have been not only showering in the dark, but staring into a dark mirror lately. Let's just say, that when Tom finally figured out how to finish our "project", what I saw in the mirror was a little scary!! HA!

I painted the bathroom this weekend and updated from what I'm calling "the worst bathroom colour of all time" to "something that I like much better". I have now figured out, after our lighting issues, that the original colour, in theory, was fun for a bathroom... but not for a bathroom that has no natural light and a terrible light fixture. I am going to miss the fact that it was so PINK that it always made you look really tanned :)

Take a look!

The bathroom is so tiny that this is the best picture I could get! What do you think? An improvement or what??!


  1. Looks awesome Miss Tweed! Way better. I like the curtain :)

  2. Jacinda Foulkes3 May 2012 at 13:54

    Much Better! Great color choice :)

  3. Very pretty but I liked the photo of me in the original version, lol.


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