An Apartment Tour

June 14, 2012

I realized that since the big kitchen reno, I hadn't actually shown off the finished product in all its glory! Here are a few recent glimpses of our tiny basement suite:

Here is our new island, dishes and tile! It's now a modern chef's haven- as far as basement suite kitchens are concerned. 

If you were looking at the kitchen from the other angle, you'd see our "coffee station". I bought Tom a fancy espresso maker as a wedding gift and there was no room on our counter for it. We created a spot for it and added a pop of colour by displaying some of our serving dishes and pots there too. Also, you may remember those family photos that we have framed- there they are! 
Beyond the kitchen is the living room. Here's a shot of my colour scheme in the living room. Also the pillow that I modelled my quilt after, which I am hoping will be a cozy couch quilt and blend in with the rest of the decor. The painting was painted and given to me by a friend of mine. 
This is the bedroom. As you can see, I am kind of into the grey-wall thing. The bedroom is painted in a slightly lighter grey colour than the rest of the apartment. The bed frame, dresser and night stands are white and the pillows help add a little something. If I was to put any more work into this place, it would be the bedroom. 
Last, but not least, here's the bathroom! Remember the one that used to be neon pink and make me look really tanned??! 
Pros of having a small place:
- There isn't much to clean. It takes me all of 45 minutes to dust and vacuum the whole place and clean the bathroom including scrub the shower and tub.
- There isn't much to fix. We don't have to worry about cleaning vents, fixing the roof or dealing with plumbing leaks. These things just don't arise often.
- Tom and I can talk to each other no matter which room either of us is in. I can be in the bedroom and he in the living room watching TV and I can ask nicely for a cup of tea and he will bring it to me, because he will hear me, even when the hockey game is on!! How about that for a "pro"?!

Cons of having a small place:
- There is not a lot of wall space for artwork- which I love and cannot expand my collection currently.
- There is not a lot of storage. We have things thrown hastily and teetering in piles in our small "storage room" which is meant to be a laundry room. Thankfully we use the laundry upstairs, or there really would be NO storage.
- Tom and I can hear each other no matter which room either of us is in. I can be relaxing in the bedroom enjoying some peace and quiet and I will hear Tom ask me nicely to bake him cookies and I will get up and bake them for him because I can't very well pretend I didn't hear ;)

What do you think about your place? Too big? Too small? Just right?


  1. Your place looks awesome guys! I can't believe how much more spacious looking and bright it is!! Love the photos :)

  2. Lovely little nook you two have here!! Miss that old place :) fun times... Love your taste in decorating miss tweedle! I may just have to hire you/wine you up into helping me with my place one day :)


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