A Garden Tour

June 12, 2012

I am a very naive gardener. I always underestimate the amount of work it is to have a garden- the planning, the planting, the buying of bedding plants, seeds and started veggies, the weeding, the watering and the constant worry about whether things will grow or not.

I have the world's worst green thumb that ever was. It is hard for me to keep plants alive both inside and out, but I love having fresh home-grown local veggies to eat right from our own backyard, so I try. Tom does a lot of the work in our garden and knows a lot more about different types of plants and how to plan where we should put things, etc.

In our town we also have problem with pests. Deer, to be exact. They live in our neighbourhood and eat EVERYTHING. So we have been building one heck of a deer fence so that our precious darling lettuce is still there when we go to pick it for a salad.

Here is a little glimpse of our garden progress: 

Here is Tom working on Day 1 of gardening- about a month ago. We got those darker brown piles of dirt from Tom's parents compost pile. We filled 2 big garbage cans with dirt and they weighed a TON. We though FOR SURE it would be enough to fill a good portion of our garden with some top soil. Wrong! Those little piles of fertile soil look PATHETIC. 

While Tom worked on THE BIGGEST DEER FENCE of all time, I weeded this area. It really needed some tender loving care. 

I found some sunflowers that had seeded themselves from our sunflower patch last year! YAHOO! If you look really closely, you might be able to spot them. 

Here's the beginning of our deer fence. The levelling of the gate caused us Tom a little grief, but it turned out OK in the end. 

I made that garden path all by myself!!! Do you like it??!

This is a little area at the back of our yard. Previously, it was a place to dump grass clippings and weeds. I used to do that before I knew ANYTHING about plants whatsoever. Apparently I decided it would be good for the tress?? When Tom came along he saw a rotting pile of weeds which were seriously hindering the growth of the lilac bushes above. Oopsie!!! Anyway, now it looks much better. 

We transplanted two Peony plants from elsewhere in the yard as well as a Bleeding Heart bush. I really hope they all survive. So far, the Peonies' outlook is looking pretty grim and the Bleeding Heart has been deer dessert. 

Here are some things we actually have growing THRIVING!!!!....


Tomatoes! (5 plants!!!!)




Thyme! (I am going to add Cilantro to that pot too)...

Tweedle Tip: Fresh herbs are a great way to spruce up any salad, meat marinade, or pasta dish. They are quite pricey when you buy them from the grocery store and you never have enough in one little bundle. Why not grow your own herb garden!? All you need are a few pots, some soil and pre-started herbs. All of these things are available at your local hardware store. You can grow them easily on a balcony, deck, front step, planter, window box or garden. When it gets cold out in the fall, you can even move the pots inside and grow them all year long in a sunny window. You'll have an endless supply of herbs for cooking the whole year through! 

What is your best gardening tip????

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  1. Great work on the fencing TOM! No pests gettin' in there. And, I love your walkway Kath!!


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