How to Sharpen Scissors

June 28, 2012

It is the last week of school and I have spent the last 2 nights working on a little end-of-year project my class and I cooked up. They made their own photo yearbooks out of all the pictures I took of them throughout the year. They were so excited about this venture that I decided to laminate and bind the books for them.

Cutting out 300 pages of laminating is a real pain the butt! During the last week of school! What was I thinking?!?

I was cutting away the other night and cursing the whole time about the kitchen shears I had to cut with so Tom googled "scissor sharpening" and came up with a couple of options. The first one he tried was to "cut" a glass bottle. It looked so funny- he was holding the scissors open against the side of a glass jar and making the cut motion repeatedly. That didn't work. They weren't any sharper than they were before and the were still tearing my laminating a little as I cut.

The second method did work. It was to cut sandpaper. It really worked and I had sharp scissors and lived happily ever after!

No, but seriously, cutting sandpaper works. The only problem is that you have to cut a piece of perfectly good, unused sandpaper into a million little bits.

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