Mama Tweedle Frames Fabric

June 19, 2012

My mother Mama Tweedle loves to frame things, and, like me, she also loves fabric. It's a winning combination. This is an easy project to spruce up or fill an old frame for a room that needs a little pizazz! 
1. Recently Mama Tweedle bought a few thrift store frames and decided to fill them with fabric. You could do this with or without a mat. Some of the frames had mats and some didn't. 
2. Take them apart and clean the glass on the inside, since you won't have another chance after you put them together. Also, thrifted frames tend to be a little greasy and dirty. Making sure the glass is clean will give the artwork that extra pop it might need. 
3. Choose a piece of pretty fabric and cut out the piece that you like. Arrange the frame in different places over the fabric before you cut it. That way you will be sure to choose the area of fabric that will look the best with the size of the frame. Cut the fabric to size and iron the piece. Make sure there are no wrinkles against the glass before you tack it all together. There is no need to tape it in or glue it down. With the frame tight enough, it should stay in place just fine. 

4. With a pattern like these shells, you can display the picture horizontally or vertically. Mama Tweedle plans to hang this one in her bathroom.

5. This cowgirl fabric has several different girls - pick the prettiest one, or frame several together for an interesting display.

7. Isn't she adorable . . . for a family room or a girl's bedroom!

Tweedle Tip: Try thinking about using fabric in ways other than for sewing. There are so many beautiful fabrics out there that catch my eye wherever I go. Start building a collection of small pieces when they strike you and save them for rainy day crafts like this one. People often think that fabric stores are only for avid seamstresses, but they aren't!

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