Roasted Garlic Chive Butter

June 26, 2012

Trust me.

You want to make this.

We spent the weekend at our friend's cabin and enjoyed some great meals. Among many delicious things, we whipped up a bit o' garlic butter to slather on, oh, everything.

Tom and I were in charge of the Saturday night supper and we made steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob- a pretty standard summer meal. But we kicked it up a notch with this garlic butter.

Here's how we made it:

1. Take 2 bulbs of garlic and peel and separate every clove. (This is where you are going to roast the garlic. If you want to do it the "real" way, you can leave the bulbs of garlic whole, wrap them in tin foil and pop them in a hot oven. Eventually, after a really long time and after checking them over and over and over and over again and having to put them BACK in the oven repeatedly, they will be done. However, I have a better way....)

2. Throw all the peeled cloves in a small frying pan with a little drop of olive oil and let them sit over medium to low heat for about 10 mins. They will become fragrant, soft and squishy.

3. Let them cool a little so they don't melt the butter- you want the butter to be spreading consistency- soft but not melted at all.

4. Meanwhile, put one pound of softened butter in a small bowl and add a bunch of chopped chives (about 3-4 tbsp), salt, pepper and red chili flakes.

5. When the garlic is cool enough to handle, pop it in the bowl with the butter and use a potato masher to mash and mix everything together. The garlic will combine with the butter and spices to create something magical.

We intended this butter to be for the corn.

But I put it on EVERYTHING- the potatoes, the corn and the steak! (Have you ever had butter on steak???... don't do it, you'll never go back!)

Warning: You may eat this by the spoonful and polish off a pound of butter in one sitting.

I'm sorry there are no photos of this. It didn't stay on the table long enough for me to take any. Oh, and my hands were too covered in butter to handle a camera at the time.

Tweedle Tip: If you have butter leftovers, whether flavoured or not, dollop them on a piece of saran wrap and twist at both ends to seal it into a log shape. Pop in your freezer and voila!- a log of butter for your next dinner party! Roll it out onto a butter dish and it's ready to serve!

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