Scrabble Tiles

June 11, 2012

I spent a rainy Saturday this weekend hitting a couple of garage sales that were in my neighbourhood and came across a crafty score! I bought this old Scrabble game with thoughts that I would use the tiles to make something. 

I have seen a few ideas on Pinterest using tiles. Here's a round up of things to do with old scrabble tiles:

1. Use them to make coasters
Photo from Crafting a Green World Blog- follow link above for tutorial. 

2. Use them to display words at a party or as signage for a vintage-y themed event
Photo courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes- follow link above for the full post. 

3. Use them to make simple, but cute artwork to dress up a boring wall. You could also put them together with a picture and use them as a caption. 
Photo courtesy of A Typical Type A Blog- follow above link for tutorial. 

4. Do a scrabble inspired photo shoot. Here's an engagement shoot, but a baby or kids shoot might be fun too. 
Photo courtesy of The Wedding Wire Blog- follow link above for full post. 
5. Make scrabble fridge magnets. 
Unknown photo source

Looks like I have some crafting to do!

Which one of these projects can you see yourself doing???

Tweedle Tip: I found all these great ideas on pinterest. This site makes it really easy to save and organize ideas when you come across them. Check it out!

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