Thrifting find of the week!

June 21, 2012

Friends of ours just moved into a new house and are trying to furnish it on a budget. It's quite the change living somewhere with SPACE when you have always had tiny rentals. They're slowly, but surely collecting enough art and furniture to make it look more homey. Check out what we spotted while hittin' the garage sales last weekend! 

I thought it would be fun for a mud room or a bathroom. It's not big, but would do nicely on a long vertical sliver of wall somewhere. 

These friends of ours are both avid skiiers and have been known to sport a little tight and bright every now and then, so this piece suits them perfectly! What a find!

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  1. I Love your posts, but would like it if you put how much you spent on your thrift store finds on each post.. Just as guide lines, and it makes what you do with them so much neater1


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