Wedding Wednesday- The Seating Arrangement

June 13, 2012

The seating arrangement for the reception was the last thing I did, because my guest list changed so many times in the weeks leading up to the wedding. We had many family and friends change their minds about coming or not coming and some that had circumstances beyond their control arise and so we really didn't know how many guests we would have until a few days before the wedding.

I had the idea that I would make a bulletin board type seating chart like this one:
Find the source for this photo on my Wedding Stuff Pinterest board HERE

But when I started laying it all out, it just didn't jive with the simple elegance I was going for and so I kept the same format, but didn't add pictures or clippings.

In order to make this chart I found an old picture frame and spray painted it sliver. I bought a piece of foam board and cut it to fit the back of the frame perfectly. I wrapped the foam board in blue velvet which I bought at Fabricland and then wedged the fabric-wrapped foam board into the frame and taped the back with masking tape so it stayed. This was all very technical!

In order to print the names, I was sure that I would do it on the computer and use a scrolling handwritten font of some kind, but my home computer would only print in black and after printing out EVERY darn table and cutting them out and arranging them, I didn't like the way the black went with the blue and silver. I had bought greyish-silver cardstock from a local scrapbooking store and decided to just write them out myself.

I copied the names in list form with grey sharpie, being careful to make all the names and letters the same size and to write straight. Then I used a blueish-silver gel pen to embellish some of the letters to dress it up a bit. I had also seen some snowflake cut outs at the scrapbook store and had them cut a few in different sizes for me. I used them as extra decoration.

In order to fasten it all to the fabric and foam board, all I used was white glue! I just dabbed a bit on the back of the cardstock and set it in place and let it dry overnight and voila!- an elegant seating chart which we displayed on an easel in the entrance to the reception.

Tweedle Tip: When creating the actual arrangement and choosing guests' seats, I found this idea really helpful. Martha Stewart came to my rescue, of course! Write or print out all your guests' names on small sticky notes. Then draw out the floor plan of your reception on a poster board. You can easily move guests from table to table until you find the perfect arrangement. It worked really well for us because we could both be looking at the whole picture at the same time. When it came time to make the seating chart display, it was easy to look at the table and see who would be seated there!

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  1. Your seating chart looks beautiful! If you want a good place to find an online tool for seating, I found really helpful :)


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