Wedding Wednesday- The Table Numbers

June 20, 2012

For our table numbers we decided to have a photo of both Tom and I at the corresponding age to the number of table. I saw this idea on The Knot early on in my planning and knew right away it was something I might like to do. We were incorporating lots of photos into our overall design and so it fit right in. It was a huge job to go through all of our family photo albums and find all of the pictures. There were some years in the early teens that didn't have very many pictures, but we managed to find them. I had to scan every picture and get copies made and then return them to the right spot in the albums- what a job!

After getting all the pics, I had to think of a way to display them. I found the little photo clip holders at Crate and Barrel for 2$ each but when I bought them, I didn't take into account that they wouldn't hold up much weight. I thought I would mount the photos on card stock with some embellishments, but after doing the first one, realized it was too heavy for my holder. I ended up just gluing the photos back-to-back and adding some more of the snowflake cut outs that I used on the table number chart. We had to balance the photos in them and position the clip at just the right angle, but in the end they were great. 

Our guests enjoyed going around to all the tables and looking at the pictures of us through the ages. 

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  1. I love love love the picture of you at age 4 - so cute!


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