Wise beyond their years...

June 18, 2012

On Friday, I was giving a spelling test in my class and the word was "dishes". I used it in a sentence and said: "There is a pile of dishes sitting on my counter at home because I did not get around to doing them last night."

One of the girls in my class thought for a moment and then said- "Couldn't Tom do them?"

I laughed and said, "YEAH! Good point!"

I told the kids I was working on whipping Tom into shape with the housework.

I'm taking a lesson from them. This week, there will be less of THIS: 

And more of THIS:

Tweedle Tip: Create a schedule or a deal with your spouse in terms of housework and chores. That way you won't get stuck feeling like you are doing everything all the time if you are both mentally prepared to help out on "your days". Also, husbands seem to work best when they know in advance which chores they will have to do. Tom always resists when I spring chores and jobs on him at the last minute. 

For example, Tom and I have a deal going where the person who cooks, doesn't do the dishes. It works pretty well and usually Tom is good at keeping up his end of the deal. However, he's been slipping a little lately :) With a great suggestion from my class, I'm working on getting that fixed ASAP. 


  1. these pictures are way too cute! won't you be glad to have them 30 years from now?! you guys are adorable and your students are waaaay smart! I'd like to meet that one girl's parents :-)

  2. Love the pix of both Mr. and Ms. Tweedle.

  3. Baaahahahaha. You are so adorable. :)


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