Frames and Vases and Diana, oh my!

July 05, 2012

I went out garage saling this past weekend and found a few of goodies! Look!

As you know, I have a bit of an obsession with these ornate-style frames. I picked this one up for $1.00 at my neighbour's across the street. I am picturing a chalkboard in the middle and the frame painted a bright robin's egg turquoise colour. Stay tuned for the re-do post! Coming this summer!

I also got this vase at my neighbour's place. It was 50 cents. I just liked it. There's something about tinted glass that turns my crank.

And lastly- kitsch at it's finest? So bad it's good? It's teetering on the edge of junk and collectible. But Princess Di?! I'll take it! C'mon.... there's a crown on the frame!!!

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