Freshly Baked Bread by "Tweedlebud Megan"

July 17, 2012

Hi there! 

It’s Megan Tweedle, bud of Miss Tweedle’s! Miss Tweedle and I met while teaching together at school and have become quite good friends. Sadly though, I moved away 9 months ago and took my then 2 month old baby with me! Thank goodness for this blog and skype!!
Miss Tweedle and I share a love of all things homemade. I had one request while pregnant...Miss Tweedle’s lasagna...! Oh it’s the BEST!
About 4 months ago my Mom came to visit from Ontario. She told me about a new cookbook that she bought for me....The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. I wasn’t really that excited... baking bread? Really? That takes HOURS...and it is so hard to master. But, I kept an open mind, because really, what is better than freshly baked bread? Not much!
I decided I may as well give it a try, so once she arrived it was off to the grocery store to stock up on the necessary ingredients... bread flour and yeast! $12 dollars later we were ready! 
We decided to attempt bagels first. My initial thoughts were confirmed after reading the first few lines of the recipe: Time to Make: 2 DAYS!!! Seriously!? I remember thinking... ‘who has 2 days to make bagels ... especially with a 7 month old baby?!! This could be the one and only time!’ As I read on I realized that most of the work happens on day one (mix, knead, rise, shape, rise!) and that day 2 consisted only of actually cooking the bagels. 
Well, they were AMAZING!! Not true Montreal Bagels amazing, but substantially better than anything I had bought in years. I am pretty sure I had one with every meal that day, and even for a snack! They didn’t last long.

Okay, the bagels were amazing but really, I didn’t think I’d always have the time to make them, so I decided to to attempt regular old bread. I was determined to recreate a favourite bread of mine from a local bakery in Invermere that my husband Bryan and I were missing like crazy...Quality Bakery’s Nordic Bread.

My daughter Olivia LOVES it! The crust is her favourite. As a result my morning toast often looks like this!
Olivia loving the crust! I’m sure it feels great on the tooth she has coming in...#7!

I searched through the cookbook and decided the multigrain bread sounded the best but again... 2 days!?! Thankfully day 1 consisted of mixing 4 ingredients in a bowl and leaving it over night! Day 2 was substantially less involved than bagels..! Mix, knead, rise, shape, rise, and bake! It wasn’t Nordic Bread but a close second. I am pretty sure 1/2 the loaf was gone before Bryan got home from work! A few loaves later and some help from Miss Tweedle (she photographed the ingredients in the Nordic Bread and sent it my way!), some slight recipe adjustments and we had a pretty darn good loaf of bread! 

Since summer is here (or at least the calendar says it should be here!) it’s BBQ season so I decided to attempt kaiser buns. What could be better than homemade burgers and buns on a nice summer day? Again, a 2 day recipe. Day 1 mix, knead, rise, knead, and into the fridge over night. Day 2..far more involved. Cut up and leave day 1’s mixture to warm up, then mix, knead, rise, shape, rise, shape, rise, bake!
Fresh out of the oven the kaisers smelled amazing! I couldn’t wait until dinner and had to try just one!

Just like Miss Tweedle, I am a planner. With an 11 month old baby you need to have things planned and organized since you never know what the day will be like. I had planned on making these kaisers to go with veggie burgers I made the day before. The veggie burger recipe came from the first Whitewater Cooks cookbook, which if you’ve never used, you NEED to buy!! 

Kaisers AND burgers were amazing! They were topped with roasted garlic aioli (also in the Whitewater cookbook!) lettuce and tomato! YUM!! Olivia loved the bun and burger too!!

Dinner looked like this!
Overall I’d say my bread making adventures have been a success! I can say that I haven’t bought bread of any sort since MARCH!... and even better, I have cut our family's bread budget drastically. We’re now up to about $25 on bread for the past 4 months!!

Megan Tweedle's Tip on Bread Making: It takes a bit of planning to be sure you have time to make the bread. If you decide to attempt bread making (which I highly recommend) always think a few days ahead about how much bread your family will need. That way, you’ll never run out of freshly baked bread!

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  1. I love this post, Tweedlebud! Especially the model baby.


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