Happy (belated) Canada Day!

July 03, 2012

This past weekend we celebrated the birth of our great country Canada. I am so grateful to be Canadian. I am always happy to be living here and I love all that Canada has to offer me. As I was sitting in the warm breeze this weekend I thought of all the things I have done over the past few weeks that I am thankful for:

- I finished another successful year of teaching. I get to go to a job every day that I love and work with people from all facets of life who challenge my thinking. I get to spend days with other young Canadians and help expand their knowledge and form opinions about this world we live in. I am a woman who gets to earn money to help my family. I am grateful for this.

- I was hired on for another year of teaching at my school. I have a job. I feel safe and secure and happy that I will spend another year doing what I love to do. People acknowledge the profession I am in and they are confident in my ability. I am grateful for this.

- I have cooked and eaten wonderful seasonal meals in the pleasure of great company. I have had the means to walk to a local store and purchase the food that I need for the day or the week without giving it a thought or a worry. I am grateful for this.

- I have enjoyed hobbies such as gardening, shopping and blogging. I have not had to worry about droughts or disasters. I have taken showers in my own bathroom in a house with running, drinkable water. I have picked lettuce from my backyard and eaten it. I have slept in a bed where I have space to lay and be comfortable. I am grateful for this.

- I have spent time with or spoken with many family and friends. I have emailed with people all over the world. I have surfed the internet and looked at photos and texted people. I have watched TV and movies and I have listened to all kinds of music. I am grateful for this.

- I have been pampered by someone who has given me a pedicure. I have had my feet soaked and massaged and my toenails painted! I am grateful for this.

- I have watched fireworks- an amazing display of fireworks. I have danced. I have laughed and I have indulged in hot dogs, beer, wine, cake, ice cream and chocolate. I sang our national anthem on the main street of my local town with my friends and people smiled at me. I am grateful for this.

- And I have ridden my bike down a secluded path way to a beautiful waterfall only minutes from my doorstep. I have dipped my toes into the lake right in my town. I have visited and slept at a cabin in the woods only accessible by boat. I am grateful for this.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful things I get to do simply by default- by being born into this wonderful country. It has its quirks and its disadvantages, but when I think of all the things I have done only in the last WEEK. Boy, do the pros outweigh the cons. Thank you Canada! I am grateful.


  1. Cheers to that!

  2. Wonderful post Katie - we are so fortunate to be Canadian!


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