How to Clean a Purse- by Mama Tweedle

July 12, 2012

Hello! Mama Tweedle here again!
While shopping at our local thrift store, I spotted a $2 purse in an attractive green color that I hoped would match some green sandals I have. The purse is made of a synthetic material, meaning that it is washable, and aside from some ballpoint pen stains, the lining and zippers were in excellent condition. 
After buying ANYTHING from a garage sale or thrift store, I clean it thoroughly. Aside from hygienic reasons, ninety-nine percent of items will look much better after they are washed. 
I began by soaking the purse in lukewarm water with dish detergent.
I scrubbed all visible marks with a toothbrush. Most came off, but a couple didn’t.
I gave the whole purse a good scrub.
Ballpoint pens wreak havoc on satin lining in purses. ALL my purses always have pen stains in them!
Fortunately most of the small ink stains came out with nail polish remover. A couple of them needed a second treatment with the salon-strength nail polish remover containing acetone.
One stubborn stain didn’t respond very well to either brand of nail polish remover.
Time to bring out the big guns! Clorox bleach on a Q-tip lightened the stain.
The stain is still visible, but I decided to live with it.
Rinse the purse thoroughly with the spray attachment.
You can see from the dirty water how much grime came off the purse!
Drain off the excess water.
If you have a clothesline, it’s faster to dry your purse outdoors.
Here is my like-new purse. It cost me $2 plus an hour of my time, and it ALMOST matches my green sandals. Close enough for me!

Tweedle Tip: When shopping for used items, try to see past the accumulated grime and envision how the item will look when it’s cleaned. I highly recommend the best cleaning product of all, good old-fashioned Miss Tweedle’s Elbow Grease!

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