How to Iron a Men's Shirt

July 09, 2012

This is a lot harder than it looks. In order to get ALL the wrinkles out and have the necessary seams in the right places, you have to follow a number of steps. Don't tag me for one of THOSE housewives who iron's men's shirts after every wash, because I'm not! But, once in a while on a special occasion when Tom needs his shirt ironed, I do know how to do it properly. Mama Tweedle taught me!
This is what you need- an ironing board (ESSENTIAL), a hot iron that will produce steam and a spray bottle with filtered water in it. Filtered water is important. You have to actually buy the bottle of filtered water for your iron. It will keep the iron functioning for longer and when you steam and spray it on your fabrics and clothing, there is no risk of it leaving water stains.

When you are ironing, always iron on the inside, in case something scorches, or you happen to leave a stain of some kind from the iron or the water.
First, iron the inside of the collar. You may have to hold the fabric taut to ensure that you are not ironing any wrinkles into the fabric, instead of ironing them out!
Next you will iron the yoke. This is the piece that is located on the upper back of the shirt. It is a rectangular piece that goes from shoulder to shoulder. As you can see in this picture, you will have to hold the collar back and manoeuvre the iron so that you use the pointy tip and make sure you run it over the whole piece.
Then you do the placket. The plackets are the front panels where the buttons and button holes are. Run the iron slowly over the panels on each side of the shirt. Press down on the iron and move it over the fabric in smooth motions. Try to go over the fabric as little as possible as the more heat fabric endures, the less time it will last. Push the iron in between each button with the pointy tip.
Then you do the sleeves. You have to do the sleeves on the right side of the fabric. In order to do this, hold the sleeve right at the armpit and the shoulder of the shirt and let it hang down naturally. Drape it over the ironing board and as you lay it down, a fold will form on the top of the sleeve going from the shoulder to the wrist. You want to iron that pleat or fold into the sleeve. This will give it the crisp, freshly ironed look! Iron both sides of the sleeve being careful to keep the same fold ironed into it as you flip it over. 
You also need to be careful of the pleats close to the cuff of the sleeve. Iron the pleats into the sleeve as pictured above. 
After the sleeve, you do the cuff. Unbutton and lay the cuff out flat on your ironing board. Press the iron over them on the wrong side of the fabric. Flip them over and check to be sure you have all the wrinkles out on the right side. 
Lastly, iron the back of the shirt. Keep the pleats on the back, but iron in between them with the pointy tip of the iron. You may need to use your spray bottle to wet down the stubborn hem of the shirt. If at anytime you have a stubborn wrinkle, or you accidentally iron a wrinkle into the shirt that shouldn't be there, spritz some water on it and then iron it. It will easily come right out. 
TA DA! If you know how to do it properly, it actually doesn't take very long. Sometimes when ironing things improperly, it will take longer to get all the new wrinkles you have created by ironing them into it! Now this should never happen to you again! 

Tweedle Tip: Wives, show this to your hubbies! They have to excuses now! 

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