Mama Tweedle in Law's Raspberry Pie

July 27, 2012

Mama Tweedle in law is an excellent homemaker and wealth of information in the kitchen. She has a giant binder as well as a recipe card box both overflowing with family recipes and recipes she uses all the time. One of our favourite summer recipes that she makes is the EASIEST raspberry pie and BY FAR the best raspberry dessert I have ever had.

I went raspberry picking at the Tweedle in laws yesterday morning and then Mama Tweedle in law let me in on her raspberry pie secrets!

Here we are getting ready to pick. I'm so lucky the Tweedle in laws have such a great raspberry patch to raid!

The bushes were overflowing with gorgeous raspberries everywhere!

When we were finished, we both had ice cream pails full of this and we went inside to get busy with the pie.

Start with a baked pie crust. This one is made from homemade dough, but you could use store bought as well. 

The ingredients you need are: raspberry jello, raspberries, sugar, cornstarch and water. 

Add all the ingredients except the raspberries to a small saucepan and bring them to a boil. Simmer for about 8-10 minutes until everything is dissolved and combined. 

While you are waiting for the liquid, pile as many raspberries into the pie crust as you can. 

When the liquid is done, you don't even have to cool it! Just pour it carefully over the raspberries, starting from the outside and working your way in. The liquid will not completely cover the berries, but you want to try and touch all the berries with some liquid.
Pop the pie into the fridge for at least an hour, or until serving. You will think you have died and gone to heaven when you bite into this EASY, TASTY, FRESH and "healthy" pie!

Here's the recipe:

Mama Tweedle in Law's Raspberry Pie

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 tbsp cornstarch
1 pkg raspberry jello

3-4 cups of raspberries
pie shell

1. Boil all the ingredients for 8-10 minutes. 
2. Pour over berries piled in a baked pie crust
3. Chill and serve!

Tweedle Tip: When baking a pie crust on it's own, make sure to poke some holes in the crust or it will puff up and become misshapen. A good trick to ensure this doesn't happen is to bake it between 2 pie tins. 

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