The Checklist by Tweedlebud Megan

July 26, 2012

Checklist? Check!

Hi again, it’s Tweedlebug Megan!
This past weekend Bryan, Olivia, and I ventured out on our first camping trip in 3 years (!) and our first one with a baby! Was I excited? Yes, though not sure what I was more excited for?- the actual trip or the opportunity to create an excel spread sheet checklist for packing!! I know some of you might not share my love of checklists, but I know Miss Tweedle does!! I decided that since this was our first baby camping trip that I’d start this one off on paper and then perfect the excel spreadsheet after the trip, since I was SURE we’d forget things!
I started the list and then gave it to Bryan to add to. We didn’t bother making a list of clothes to pack, but I should have for Olivia. The poor little girl went camping with no shoes!! 

Here's what the original list looked like

I thought for sure as we drove to the campground I’d be thinking of things we forgot. Surprisingly I wasn’t! Once we arrived though, it became quickly evident that we’d need a list of what we forgot and had to remember for next time! We started one on our cell phone. 

Overall the trip was a success!! Olivia was a SUPER camper, loving every minute in the dirt, eating outside, her bucket bath, and sleeping in the tent (She was a BED HOG! We need a bigger tent!)

Olivia sleeping in the tent... right across the TOP!

Now that we’re back I get to perfect THE Camping Checklist. The best thing about creating a checklist is that it’s never really done. Each trip varies depending on where you’re going, the weather, your food etc. This first list is the Car-Camping Checklist. I particularly like the little check boxes that I’ll be able to use when we go camping again. There’s something satisfying about a checkmark! I also like the lists within the list. I find it helps me think of all the things I might need!

Tweedle Tip: Camping is a great way to have a mini family vacation that is inexpensive. However, the task of packing and organizing for a camping trip can seem daunting. Tweedlebud Megan has a great thing going on with her checklists saved on the computer because she always knows where they are and adds to them every time they forget something! 

Tom and I keep all our camping items in labeled rubbermaid bins. We have a "camping cook stuff" bin with old dishes, pots and a washtub in it and we have a "dry camping items" bin with newspaper, matches, playing cards, swiss army knife, bug spray, sunscreen, and any other miscellaneous items we may need. When we get ready to go camping, we just have to pack our clothes, tent and sleeping bags, stove, get our groceries and throw in our camping bins and we're ready! However, I still have to make lists, too! 


  1. I have a master packing list on my computer, too! Whenever we go on holidays, I don't have to think about all the extras like camera, sewing kit, nail clippers, etc. because they are on my list. If we are driving, I have a Car List. I change my Clothes List slightly depending on the destination. Best part - crossing stuff off the list!

  2. i always love to see a new and refreshing post!


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