Tweedlebud Holly's Flower Tower- A Garden Accessory

July 30, 2012

Tweedlebud Holly here! With enthusiasm and a thumb that's starting to turn green, I have been working at developing the flower beds along the front of our house since we moved in three years ago. Last winter, I saw on Pinterest (of course!) a flower pot tower of flowers and thought that would be a great addition to one of my flower beds. 

My first challenge was to find terracotta pots that were just the right size. I ended up finding them at Hobby Lobby for a steal of a deal. For simplicity's sake, I decided to make the whole tower with 6-inch sized pots, however, I have seen pictures of them made with all different sizes. I measured them out in the store and decided eight pots high would be the perfect height. 

In our area, we have a lot of deer, so I researched what flowers deer specifically don't like and decided on pansies. There are economical, eye catching and there are so many beautiful colour varieties! I chose purple and yellow varieties.

After the big decisions were made (the pretty flowers are the most important part!), I headed to the local hardware store where I purchased a piece of ½ inch by 8 foot long piece of rebar. I picked a spot in the corner of the flower bed for the flower tower, and drove the rebar into the ground with a hammer, about 2 feet into the ground. From there, I carefully slid each pot onto the piece of rebar, one by one, alternating which side to angle it to. Terracotta pots already have a hole in the bottom for drainage, so just made sure the holes in the pots are slightly bigger than the width of the rebar. 
Here is the rebar. 
Fill each pot about 3/4 full with potting soil, plant your flowers, water and enjoy!
I think the flower tower was a great addition to my flower bed!
Tweedle Tip: Before you plant any kind of flowers, it is always a good idea to research which types and varieties need more sun or shade. Take note of your flower bed before you plant and pay attention to the amount of sun it gets in a day and how much shade it gets. There is nothing more frustrating than to plant a beautiful flower garden and have the flowers wilt and die because you planted them in the wrong environment!

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