Wedding Wednesday- Bridal Shoes

July 04, 2012

Although it is overdone these days, I wanted blue shoes- for my "something blue" item and because it went with my wedding colours. Also, because I was obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw's blue wedding shoes from Sex and the City.
Carrie's shoes!
I spent a lot of time hunting for knock off Manolo Bhlanik's like Carrie's and found a number of sites that were selling them, but I was too nervous to order them from a shady knock off website. I found something very similar to Carrie's on and after much looking and agonizing over finding the shoes, I ordered what I thought was a close second. The Martinez Valero Zoie arrived on my doorstep and at first glance, I really liked them. However, as soon as I put them on, I knew there was NO WAY I would be able to wear them. They were so darn high that I actually couldn't walk!

Second best- WAYYYY TOO HIGH!

Ladies who wear 4 inch heels, I salute you! WOW that was hard!!

I was back to square one with the shoe search. I found lots of beautiful blue shoes online that were all out of my price range ($200). When my mom and I were shopping for her dress in San Fransisco, I found THE shoes at Macy's. They were Badgley Mishka, 2 inch, blue with rhinestones on the toe- gorgeous! But they didn't have my size!! I tried one of the colours on in my size and LOVED them. So back to the internet I went and found them from Done and done! I still had to return the previous shoes I had ordered and wait for the new ones to come in... but when they did, they were perfect!

 I wore them all night long and I can't wait until I have a reason to wear them again!

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