Wedding Wednesday- The Photo Booth

July 25, 2012

Photo booths are a big trend at weddings these days and for a good reason. The result of having a photo booth are pictures that really encompass the fun, party atmosphere of the couple and the wedding itself. I was so happy with the way our photo booth pictures turned out, I would recommend doing this to any engaged couple. 

Some photographers offer this option as part of their pricing, but I was lucky enough to have a good friend and very talented photographer with all the right equipment willing to help me out at my wedding. If you live in a city, there are also companies who will actually bring a mall-style photo booth to your wedding for the evening, but I was not able to do this as this was not offered in my town. However, our photo booth pics turned out better than ever in doing it ourselves. 

I borrowed a projector screen on a stand from the school where I work and Kelsey, the photographer, set her camera and lighting up with the screen in the entrance to the reception after the dinner and speeches were over. We made sure to remind all the guests to have their photo taken at the photo booth as my plan was use the pictures to paste into our guestbook later. Poor Kelsey hardly had a break as apparently people having a "good time" love to hamm it up for the camera! 

I bought some paper props on Etsy from a shop named Funny Side of Life and they simply made the photos. People thought of all kinds of fun ways to smile and make faces and some of our favourite pictures came from the photo booth shots. It was nice to be able to capture photos of all the guests and not just the wedding party. 

These were the props we had, except the white bow tie was polka dotted in our set. 
Here is Bridesmaid Tweedle Holly and Flower Girl Tweedle Naomi

Bridesmaid Tweedles Cara and Lisa (also the counterparts to the Tweedle Terrible Trio!)

Bridesmaid and MOH Tweedle Cara and Miss Tweedle herself!

Mama Tweedle, Miss Tweedle and family friend Tweedle bud Margaret!

Miss Tweedle and the 2 MOH Tweedles with Tweedlebud Cole

Tweedlebuds Brittany and Jared

Tweedle's crazy family! Uncle, Auntie, Mama and Nana Tweedle!

Sister Tweedle and Heinz Tweedle (Tweedle's Stepdad)

In-law Tweedles

Tweedlebuds Ed and Holly

Tweedlebuds Ryan and Amber

Miss Tweedle and Tom Tweedle- the happy couple!

Aren't they fun?!?! 

Tweedle Tip: If you are going to set up the photo booth on your own and have a shutterbug friend help you, it is important to have the right lighting and backdrop. The old fashioned photo booth look cannot be achieved by just having any old camera and a white backdrop. The white backdrop can cause a lot of bad shadows behind the people in the pictures if the camera flashes are not set up properly. Make sure to ask around and borrow or rent the right equipment if you are thinking of trying this out. Test it beforehand to ensure that you are happy with the results in the end!


  1. Tweedlebud Holly25 July 2012 at 19:42

    So fun!

  2. Tweedlebud Krissy25 July 2012 at 22:37

    ...I believe that would be Mr. Tweedle, Tom ;) Always love seeing these pics! Such a good reminder of such a memorable night <3


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