Wedding Wednesday- A real wedding today!

July 11, 2012

When does this ever happen?! I get to go to a REAL wedding on a Wedding Wednesday!

This week, Tom and I are down south in Sonoma, CA at our dear friends' Owen and Melissa's wedding and the wedding is today at 5pm!

Here is the happy couple at our wedding. Owen was our MC!
Melissa and Owen are teachers who live abroad in Singapore and they love to travel. They have planned a classy travel themed wedding at a destination they hadn't been to before. They made all the arrangements for their Sonoma wedding from Singapore over phone and by email and have had some great ideas. Melissa did everything on her own and even though she was planning from afar, she was the most relaxed bride I've seen yet. She even accidentally burned a hole in her wedding dress 2 weeks ago and didn't panic! She had a seamstress fix it within days and it's as good as new. You better believe that I would have had a full on ugly sobbing breakdown if I had done that! HA!

I'm really excited to update you all on some of Owen and Melissa's photos and real life wedding details when I get back, but for now, here are some of Melissa's great tips on planning a wedding from a distance that I have stolen from her blog, My Life as an Expat: 

1. Melissa used the word processing program on her computer to create her own inspiration boards as she had not seen her venue or bridesmaid dresses until just days ago. What a great idea!

2. She kept in close contact with the caterer, venue contact person, florist and hair and makeup team throughout the planning to ensure that nothing would go wrong. She also made sure to Skype with them so that she could put a face to the name and make sure they would be thinking of her big day!

3. She saved and backed up all the stationary and paper goods she needed for the wedding day on her laptop and is going to print them when she gets to Sonoma, a week before the wedding, in order to save money on shipping costs and save room in her suitcase. 

4. She has relied heavily on google and the internet in order to find the things she needs at the location she is to be married in. She has done a great job too! You should see the itinerary this couple has for the guests!

5. Lastly, like all brides and planners, she has learned that everything wedding related comes with a huge price tag, but one that is always negotiable. Even from Singapore, Owen and Melissa have done their wedding on a tight budget. It will be an evening soiree at a Sonoma winery and they managed to do it on a dime!

Stay tuned for more photos to come! 
Congratulations Owen and Mel!!


  1. Have a wonderful day, Owen and Melissa! All the best for the future.

  2. Hi Katie, have a great time in Sonoma it's beautiful! I have a proposition for you when you get back. Would love to talk to you I left my numbers on your vOice mail.
    Janice Park


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