How to Make Your Own iPad Sleeve

August 02, 2012

A few months ago Tom got an iPad and he has been looking for a nice sleeve for it. He wanted something lightweight and not too bulky, but that would protect the iPad while he took it out of the house. He saw one online that he liked and when I saw it, I knew right away that I could make it for much cheaper than $40, the price of the original.

The only supplies I needed were a piece of thick felt, thread, scissors and a sewing machine!

Here is a close up of the felt I used. I wanted it to be quite thick to ensure that it would protect the iPad. I picked it up at a fabric store. 
I measured the length and width of the iPad and then added about an inch onto each measurement. The iPad needs to be able to slide in and out of the finished sleeve easily, but still be tight, so it doesn't fall out while you are carrying it. I used this rotary cutter and mat to ensure I would cut straight. If you don't have these things, you could use scissors, but you would have to draw a line on the felt with a ruler and then cut along the line. 

After I cut the first piece, I wanted to make sure it was the right size. There is enough room on the outer edges of the iPad to sew around it and have the iPad still be able to slide in and out. 
I cut the second piece the exact same size as the first. 
I decided to sew with 2 colours of thread just add something a little extra. I used the red thread for the bobbin and the blue thread on top so that one side of the stitching would be red and one side would be blue. 
I sewed the pieces together slowly and carefully with the thread about 1/4" from the edge of the felt pieces. All I did was continually sew around 3 edges of the felt. At the end I made sure all the edges were even and voila! DONE!

 What do you think? 


  1. Very Cool! I need to do that for my iPhone. And even my Mac.

  2. What a clever idea! I think it looks great!


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