Tweedlebud Lainey's Hot Dogs Baked in the Bun

August 20, 2012

Hello Tweedle Fans, my name is Lainey and I'm a TweedleBud of Miss Tweedle's going way back to the high school days. 

We've completed a lot of landscaping at our house this summer and part of our landscaping included a new fire pit area. Everyone loves dinner over a camp fire and we've been trying to make dinner at our new fire pit once a week; calling it Fire Pit Fridays! But, after a few firepits, it's hard to keep things interesting with just a regular old hot dog and bun. Especially with a two year old in the house... Hot dog and bun, again? Boring! So, I decided to jazz things up a bit this week.

To start the process, I had to thaw a package of puff pastry. I only used half of the package and put the rest back in the freezer for safe keeping until another fire pit night! After that, (the package reccommends 2-4 hours) I cut the pastry into four pieces and then rolled them out into long strips. If actually camping, you wouldn't have to roll them with a pin, you could just flatten with your hands.

Then, we cooked the hot dogs (and the rest of dinner) over the camp fire.

Once the hot dogs were cooked, I removed them from the grill and wrapped the puff party around the hot dogs. I rolled at an angle so that the pasty went from one end to the other. To spice up things a little bit for the adults around the fire, I removed some of the onions that had been cooking in tin foil and rolled them into the pastry as well.

We placed the hot dogs (now in an almost bun) back onto the grill- open seam down. I put them seam side down first so that when the puff pastry started to cook it didn't open up and cook apart. Once the puff pastry was cooked on that side, we flipped them to start the process again. We continued this process to get all four sides grilled. If you didn't want to use the grill, or didn't have one, you could cook your hot dog on a stick, remove it, wrap it with pastry, and then put it back on a stick to finish cooking over a fire. Once flipped, they looked like this:

The end result was super tasty! The fire created a crispy, hint of smoke, bun! Nothing better than dinner cooked over a fire. And, it tasted even better than a hot dog and regular ol' bun!
Even our two year old gave it his seal of approval!

TweedleBud Tip: If you don't want the well done, dark pastry edges like we had, place your pastry on the edge of the fire away from the flames but where it still gets heat. Cook and enjoy!


  1. now that looks really good. :)

  2. I'm making these tonight! I was looking for dinner inspiration and these just look too good :)


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