Tweedlebud Lainey's Orange and Brown Fall Wedding

August 29, 2012

Hi everyone! I'm back!

I'm really excited to share my blog post with you for Wedding Wednesday and it was kind of Miss Tweedle to extend the invite. Thanks to Miss Tweedle, I'm now an avid blog reader; who knew following could be so much fun!

My husband and I were married in the fall of 2008. The Columbia Valley is GORGEOUS in the fall and we really relied on Mother Nature to help guide us in the right direction with regards to colors and theme for our wedding; we ended up choosing hues of brown and orange for just about everything. We were married outdoors but our reception was in a tent and I really wanted to make it feel like the inside of the tent was just an extension of the outdoors. 

To decorate the tables we used off white table cloths, brown runners, brown and orange napkins, brown and orange placecards, candle holders and center pieces.

Like Miss Tweedle, I enjoy a good thrift store purchase and a great Saturday morning cruising garage sales. I created the candle holders by hunting down old mason jars of all shapes and sizes. I was really, really particular about what kind of jars... I didn't want just any old canning jar, I wanted the clear jars with only a brand written on the side. It was a lot of fun to dig for (and find) the "perfect jar" and it was a very inexpensive way to decorate the tables. To help spruce up the jars, I bought various shades of brown, off white, and orange ribbon and tied them around the mouth of each jar. I mixed the ribbon patterns and combinations to help give each table and each jar a little bit of character. I purchased bulk off white candles from Ikea that fit nicely into the jars and lasted throughout the evening. I ended up giving most the jars away, some family members kept one or two, and I still have a few that I use as drinking glasses and they're a nice reminder of a great day.

To help with bringing the outdoors in, I asked our florist to make each centerpiece look like it had been picked in the meadow just outside the tent. And, like the mason jars, I wanted each center piece to be just a little different than the others. She did a great job and also helped me stick with the mason jar idea by supplying her own jars and ribbon for each centerpiece and the bridal bouquets. A lot of our guests ended up taking the centerpieces home to enjoy on their own kitchen tables!

In the picture above, you can also see one of our take away gifts; pickled asparagus. Even though it wasn't planned, the gifts looked like they were also part of the decor.

I was very pleased with the way that our reception ended up looking. But, what was even more amazing than the way it looked was the way it felt during dinner once the sun had set and we could really enjoy the warm ambiance that the candles, flowers, dinner, and company had created.

TweedleBud Tip: The simple task of gluing the two different colors of paper together for the placecards helped save money in the budget. Whenever you can, if you have the time, put your own energy into some of the 'kitchy' tasks, it'll save you money in the long run rather than paying someone else to do it!



  1. I love your colour scheme, Lainey! Did you choose it to match your gorgeous hair?

  2. Ha! I hadn't even thought of that until this very moment! Maybe I did, subconsciously.


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