Tweedlebud Megan's Baby Sun Hats

August 09, 2012

It’s me again! Tweedlebud Megan!

Sewing has always been something I’ve done, or at least been a part of. I grew up with a mother who could (and still can!) make anything! We’d be out shopping and I'd like something but not be a fan of the colour and Mom could make it exactly how you wanted it. I’m not sure I’ve ever bought a ‘party dress!’ Once in University she even made me a dress for a formal event and sent it in the mail! My maternal Granny, whom I’m sure my Mom got her talent from, is 95 and still sews too! So, I guess you could say, sewing is in my blood. 

About a month ago I was out for walk with a new friend and her 18 month-old daughter. G had the cutest, most practical sun hat on. It was perfect because it didn’t fall and cover her eyes like so many of the bucket hats do. This hat was a bonnet- you know, like Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie!- A good old fashioned bonnet!

At first I thought, Ohhhh I need one of these! So I hit the internet and Esty where said hat came from. But, UGH! $40 for a hat?! There’s no way we needed the hat that badly. So I figured, Heck! I can make one for a fraction of that cost! So, to work I went.

I found an old pattern that I had of a hat that was similar but didn’t have a brim. My first step was to make a brim. I followed the outline of the front of the hat and made a brim. I figured it would be pretty straight forward from there. The next step was some fabric. Now, like Miss Tweedle, I could spend hours in a fabric store picking out amazing things but I learned that when you have an 11 month-old in tow, there is no time for perusing, so to the discount bin we went. I figured better not spend to much money if this doesn’t work out.

I decided on a pale pink fabric with a pattern. I also bought some fusible (iron-on) interfacing to stiffen the brim, sew in snaps, and thread for a grand total of $5 for the test hat!- a far cry from the $40!!

It didn’t take long until the test hat was completed. I learned a few things along the way to help perfect the next one, but figured the original was pretty good.

When Olivia wore the hat, it worked perfectly, never falling over her eyes, keeping the sun off and making her look pretty darn cute! 

Now, the hat that little G was wearing was reversible, which I thought was pretty neat. I decided that my second hat needed to be reversible too. I figured that if I was going to make another hat, why not make a bunch. It seems as though so many of my friends' babies were girls that I could send to them as gifts! So, into production I went. Here are some pictures of the hats along the way.
The brims after having the interfacing ironed in. 
A sample of each combo!
The almost-completed hats
I was pretty happy with how they all turned out. Working to make more than one at a time was pretty efficient. Most have been sent out in the mail to various unsuspecting heads and a few remain. I bought more fabric...and am considering mass production. For me the best part about sewing is knowing who the project is for so I’m not sure I’d enjoy it as much if it was more of a business....we’ll see!!

Tweedle Tip: Always be sure to wash and dry your fabric for projects before beginning. You sure don’t want to spend all that time sewing only to have your completed piece shrink in it’s first cleaning!


  1. if i ever have a girl, i know where to come! I LOVE the blue floral print...all very cute!

  2. Time to consider Etsy!

  3. Can I buy one for our friend's newborn baby??? No, really! We need these in singapore!


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