Wedding Wednesday- The Cake and Desserts

August 15, 2012

We did not have a bakery or a wedding cake company do our desserts or cake. Tom and I are both HUGE dessert people with major sweet tooths. We bake a lot, as do our families, so we wanted to share all our favourite desserts with our wedding guests. We had fellow baking enthusiasts make the desserts for the wedding, so they were all our homemade recipes.

I organized all the plates I wanted the desserts to be displayed on, and labelled them ahead of time. I printed out the recipes for the desserts and handed them out to the bakers with the serving dishes they were to bring the desserts displayed on. It worked out really well, seeing as I only trusted GREAT bakers to do the job!

Although the desserts themselves did not match the colour scheme of the wedding, the table decorations turned out really nice and we were more concerned with taste, rather than having blue and silver fondant!

I bought a piece of sheer fabric with silver stars on it on sale and used it as the tablecloth. I also wrapped shoe boxes in silver wrapping paper so that some of the desserts could sit higher up than others. I enlisted a friend of mine to be there a little early as guests bringing desserts were to drop them off between the ceremony and reception as soon as they had them ready and she made sure they were all displayed nicely.

Tweedlebud and bridesmaid Holly was supposed to make the big, official wedding cake to cut, but she ended up having a death in her family close to the wedding and was not able to do it. I didn't trust anyone else, so I found myself making THE cake the day before the wedding and icing it the morning of!!

It's still dark out in the picture and I'm just icing the cake while waiting for the hair team to show up!

It turned out beautifully and tasted even better! It was coffee flavoured cake with coffee buttercream. It gave everyone that jolt of caffine they needed to continue the party well after midnight!
Mama-in-law Tweedle made snowflake sugar cookies with this gorgeous blue decorating sugar. 
My friend Jacinda made Mama-in-law's recipe for gingerbread cake, one of Tom Tweedle's faves. She made them into mini cupcakes with cream cheese icing!
I had to have Reece's PB Cups- my FAVE!
One of my bridesmaid's mother's made this delicious New York Style cheesecake with a raspberry topping.  
Sister Melinda Tweedle made "The Ultimate Chocolate Cake". 
Throughout my planning and engagement, people gave me funny little wedding gifts. I wanted to display them at the wedding somehow, so we placed them at the dessert table. The trolls were actually the cake toppers on Mama and Heinz Tweedle's wedding cake when they got married in the 90s. My sisters and I were pretty into treasure trolls at the time of their wedding, so we thought that was pretty cool! People got a kick out of them at our wedding. 

There were 8 desserts in all and they were pretty much gone at the end of the night! As well as the desserts pictured in close ups, we also had Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares, Oreo Cookies (Tom's fave) and homemade pies- apple and rhubarb- also made by Mama-in-Law Tweedle.

My mouth is watering again!!!


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