Wedding Wednesday- A Great Way to Store Your Wedding Cards

August 08, 2012

We received so many beautiful cards before, during and after our wedding and I knew I would like to do something to preserve them somehow and make them easy for us to look at later on. I had it in mind that I would make a card scrapbook until I stumbled on a great idea on Pinterest. I finally got around to crafting it up!

This is the original idea. You can see more of Jen's ideas at Something Turquiose as well her explicit tutorial for this project HERE
The first thing I did was to get out all my cards and sort them into piles for Shower Cards and Wedding Cards. 
The 2 main things you need are binder rings and a one-hole punch. I also used some of the craft supplies I had laying around to do my cover. I used card stock, ribbon, gel pens and glue. 

Here are my 2 piles. 
Please note the card I decided to put on TOP!

The first thing I did was punch the holes in the corners of the cards. Every card, no matter what size had the hole punched in the upper left corner. The most I found I could do at a time was 2 cards. 

As I punched them, I fed them onto the binder ring.  
When I was all done with the cards, I made the cover for the booklet. I chose the same blue card stock that I used for the Wedding Favours. I happened to have some leftover. 
I did the back of the booklet first. I used some silver ribbon leftover from the reception decor and cut a strip long enough to tie around the entire bundle with a bow.  
I glued the middle of the ribbon to the back cover of the booklet. 
I designed the front cover, leaving room for the ribbon to tie along the middle. I used some of the snowflake confetti leftover from the wedding as well. 
Here's the finished product! 
I also did one for the wedding cards!

They are great! I can easily untie the ribbon and look through all the cards again. 


  1. cutest idea ever. Adore this post, love. If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post for Lauren Conrad. xo

  2. These are so cute!

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  3. This is adorable, love it!



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