Baked Eggs

September 18, 2012

Did you know that you can BAKE EGGS? Maybe I am entirely behind the times, but I had never done this until this past weekend. So easy! Hardly any mess! No watching and flipping and timing!

All you do is spray ramekins or muffin tins with oil (or grease them with butter) and crack the eggs in. Salt and pepper them if you like and bake at 350 for 15-20 mins- whatever doneness you like your yolks. 

They come out looking like this and slide right out of the ramekin!
Perfect size for a big batch of eggers! 



  1. My mom used to do this- works in the microwave too, you can also make them like hard boiled eggs and then cut them up to add to a salad. Much faster than waiting for eggs to boil on the stove.

  2. I love this. Thank you for sharing.


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