Freezer Meals

September 17, 2012

I spent a good part of the day on Saturday making some meals for our freezer. Now that I am back teaching again, I found it hard last week to be thinking about what to make for supper every night. I thought this would be a good idea so that we could easily pull something out of the freezer in the morning before going to work.

I made lasagna, chicken and kale casserole, shepherd's pie and beef wellington. (Stay tuned for recipes in the coming weeks!) It is a good idea to research whether or not a meal will freeze well before you decide to make a big batch for your freezer. Try freezing a small portion of something from a leftover dinner and thaw it out a week later just to make sure it holds up well while frozen. Sometimes pasta dishes go quite mushy after being frozen. Soups with lots of fresh veggies in them also don't last well. The vegetables often lose flavour and become soggy.

This is also a great way to save money as you can make meals in bulk and save on buying large amounts of ingredients. Do this when an item like ground beef or canned beans are on sale at your local grocery store. Stock up and fill your freezer!

Tweedle Tip: When freezing dishes with pasta in them, don't cook the pasta all the way before putting it in the dish. Cook it about half way. It will soak up liquid while it freezes and thaws and will finish cooking when you reheat it for serving. 


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