How to Make a Jewelry Hanger

September 28, 2012

I was getting fed up with the state of my dresser and all the clutter that was piling up so I decided to come up with a solution! I made a little hanger for necklaces and for my hairdryer and curling iron. It was very easy, took less than an hour to do and the problem is now fixed!

Here are the before pics. See all that clutter that doesn't fit inside my jewelry box?! It was driving me nuts! 
The first thing I did was get my supplies from the local hardware store. I bought some wooden, unfinished hardware knobs and asked at the hardware counter for a small piece of wood. They happened to have the perfect piece for me that was a scrap and FREE! It is about 2 feet long. I measured and decided to place the knobs 3 inches apart all along the board and then drilled holes in order to screw the knobs on. After the holes were drilled, I sanded it, just to rough it up a bit and ensure the paint would be applied nicely. 
I took it out to the garage and laid it on a sawhorse for painting.  The holes on either end of the board are for hanging it later. 
I had this turquoise paint leftover from THIS project, so I used it! I let it dry over night and that was that! So easy!
It fits perfectly beside the dresser and all the clutter is gone from the surface! WOO!
Look at that nice clear dresser! 
The whole thing cost me about $8. 

Tweedle Tip: You should always sand wood before painting it. It leaves a roughed finish for the paint to stick to and you will ensure that your paint job will last as long as possible. 



  1. I need to make a mini version for my bathroom! Good idea!

  2. I love this! Looks great and organized!

  3. Our family actually has made a couple of versions of this. 1. No one ever really hangs a hand towel up neatly so I gave up & made this kind of hanger only I used big plant hanger hooks for the towels. 2. We made 2 mini version of this for necklaces using cup hooks & the other was an old picture frame with cross-stitch material hot-glued inside for earrings & the cup hooks screwed in on the bottom for necklaces. It is great to see what your jewellery is & no more lost earring & tangled necklaces.


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